Grey’s Anatomy obsession.

By now I have declared to the world how much I’m obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. I also have successfully introduced the series to a number of people in my life with the pretext : ” If you want more common grounds between us, you gotta catch my Grey’s references.” I too, shamelessly ignored texts with a reason as meek as “I’m watching Grey’s. My world has stopped.”

I am basically an emotional freak who cried for Cars when McQueen had to leave the town. But I have not cried for reality as much as I did for fictional characters of Grey’s. Oh, I did cry buckets for Sirius Black and Dobby and Fred Wesley but that is my past life.

Before I proceed, this post has SPOILER!!!  everywhere. From season 1 to the latest episode 19 of Season 10. So fans, please please please don’t read further and curse me. I can’t live with more bad karma. Also I’d hate myself if I spoil it for another fan.

My latest favorite constructive thing to do with my free time has been viewing quotes and edits on Instagram. It’s amazing how people take time to make those edits. And it’s even more amazing to relive the moments when you read them. Why is Grey’s so relatable to many of us? I believe Shonda is genius because she made characters which blend in us. I could find most characters somehow resemble some part of me.

Meredith is my favorite. Mainly because I am  that self-centered that I need the story to be revolving around me. Another example is Harry Potter as my favorite in the whole universe of Harry Potter. Also I really could relate to her in those earlier seasons. Until she became mother and distanced herself from who she used to be. Her mother issues are sometimes larger than life because she made it to be. She says she doesn’t want to be her mom yet somehow strives to be exactly like her. She says her days of trying to please her mom are behind her yet all she does is to get her approval in some twisted way. She has her own logic to everything, which usually doesn’t make sense and always involve tequila and overthinking. She is emotional but fights so hard not to be seen as a weakling. She lives in her own bubble not wanting to break it and let others in, but seeking for true love nevertheless. More than anything her attachment issues attracted me the most, which says a lot about my own personality disorder. So yes she’s much relatable. Or used to be.

As expected, Cristina is my second favorite. Though I admit she wasn’t that palatable in those earlier episodes. Not until she bonded with Mer. She is the perfect example of a strong willed woman who knows what she wants, who is aware her needs are beyond the usual horizon, yet works hard for it. She is determined and stands by her conviction no matter how messed up situations get. For example the whole Burke injured his hand crap. She makes worst decisions when it comes to love and relationships. I hated her with Burke. Mainly because she settled for him. She compromised who she was because she was vulnerable. Then she snapped out of it. She knows she’s a damsel in distress. I was out of the world when Owen carried her into the hospital following the icicle incident. She’s a Cinderella who refuses to admit she’s one. She doesn’t get involved easily but when she does she stands by it. She doesn’t leave because her partner has PTSD, she doesn’t walk away when her best friend moved on her life in another path, she doesn’t let anything stand between her and her dreams. She is Cristina Yang. I want to be her.

Will the world judge me if I say I am Mark Sloan in some way? Not the steamy one perhaps. Nor the  manwhore bit (?!). But all the other endearing parts of his.  He was self conscious. He was comparing himself to his best friend. He never felt he was a good enough man so he masked it with his Casanova alter ego. He was so afraid of love so he chose to turn his back. Until it hit him right on the face, in the form of Lexie. His sense of humor is out of the world. People can’t dislike him for too long. He definitely deserved better than what happened to him. Thus I only cry for a few minutes each time Mark Sloan or Lexie Grey is mentioned.

I could relate to many other characters too. Like the chirpy bright Arizona, dancing in underwear Callie, trauma stricken Owen etc. Except for one.

Derek Shepherd.

Because well it’s Derek who is all dreamy and surreal. He’s the knight in shining armour, all responsible and convicted, stays by rules, supportive no matter what, starts every surgery saying ‘It’s a beautiful day to save lives’, and has the perfect hair ever. He’s perfect.

I want my Derek Shepherd served on a plate please. Handcuffed to the posts of my bed.


2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,600 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 43 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Twenty Twelve.

For all the futuristic talks that I have to entertain those around me, I’m still stuck in the past. Somewhere along the shaded pathway I used to trod upon to go the playground when I was ten. Somewhere amidst the racist kids in the neighbourhood who didn’t include me in their baseball games. Somewhere along growing out of my teen hood. When I usually have pressing matter in hand, like studying for my continuous assessment, I tend to resort to attend to a more pressing matter, like walking down the memory lane. Because, yes, procrastination is my first-middle-last names.

What has 2012 do unto me?

1. Visited two countries : Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand.

2. Kuching. Six days that literally changed my perspective of life – in ways I can’t disclose yet discard.

2. Registered as a voter.

3. Two years. Yet never fail to screw up. Like big time.

4. You thought you lost the magic. You thought they never cared. You thought it never mattered. Then one day, the magic returns on its own. It shows you everything it didn’t before. It screams oceans and miles can be conquered.

5. I danced till my feet ached. I emceed a function for the first time. I had so much of butterflies in my stomach that I couldn’t eat. I wore a Cheongsam.

6. Two cheer leading competitions.

7. Having your sister moving in with you to the same apartment.

8. Year 5 – successfully.

9. Two Langkawi trips in a month – yet not tired of it.

10. Made new friends, who are to stay.

11. Malvika Iyer. Almost an inseparable name in my mobile – and life. Have you met someone almost so alike you that it kind of creeps you out? Have you met someone who could understand your stupid cryptic talk and reply in cryptic itself? Have you been accepted 200% despite all the shit you’ve done and doing currently? When you meet such a person, by hook or by crook make them your bestie.

12. Rockstar – and how it rekindles passion again and again.

13. First tooth extraction done. Such liberation.

14. New additions to the family – Narresh and Geetha.

15. I got glimpse of Rama in a mortal.

Deepika is Crazy

I found this questions in a blog. Looked interesting, so let’s get going. 🙂


1.  If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
2.  Do you write your blog posts in advance or the day you post them?
3.  Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
4.  What is your favorite candle scent?
5.  Coffee or tea?

1.  If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tuna sandwiches. So far I survived a week on simple tuna sandwiches. Without those extra lettuce and tomatoes. They give me this extra sense of happiness for each bite. And I feel more health conscious.

2.  Do you write your blog posts in advance or the day you post them?

On the very time I’m about to post them. I prefer scrambling with the keyboard rather than writing in advance on a paper or something. Blogging is a way of expressing what you feel at the moment. That’s why my posts are very random and superficial at times. Guilty as charged!

3. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

YES! My rides were more casual. I went to school few times by ambulance. Privilege having a dad who works in the government hospital.

4.  What is your favorite candle scent?

So far it’s lavender.

5.  Coffee or tea?

Though I’m a coffeh0lic, when it comes to choosing between the two, my vote goes to Tea. Sipping hot tea while reading a favorite book and curling up on the couch on a rainy day is the perfect paradise. Hot tea makes me extra relaxed. Hot tea makes my dysmenorrhea more bearable. Hot tea reminds me of the evenings I have at home with my mom, gossiping about our daily happenings. Tea reminds me of the breakfasts we had together.

Arabic Mint Tea that we had in Tarbush – when we got chymed 🙂

I have reception clinic in the morning -.-

this makes me happy

It doesn’t take too much to please me. Rewatching Charmed season 4 brings back all the smiles to my life. Watching a shirtless Cole makes my day. Even wire bending doesn’t seem too bad. And trust me, I’m having a super hard time bending those wires. Aimee says the wires are like gay men. They can’t be straightened. I agree. Look at the irony, Adam’s pliers are used to manipulate the wires. How I wish they can be used to manipulate the Adams as well. Get a good grip with the pliers and bend it as you wish.

See that? That’s how you make an arrowhead of an Adam’s Crib. You’ll have to keep bending and bending till finally have cuts on your fingertips. That’s why Dentistry rocks. You get to play with wax, fire, light cures, stainless steel wires, and REAL patients. 🙂

courtesy of Jeannette

Another reason why Dentistry rocks. Our dean spends important moments with us. He tells stories about his college days and his favorite singer of his youth times. He poses sportingly for pictures. He gets enthusiastic when we are around. He says dental students look different from the others in the university. It may not be true, but who cares. It’s the way he cares for us that matters. He enters the Tech Lab to compliment on our postures. He enjoys looking at this particular picture and wants to show his European friends. Now how cool is that. 🙂

Some gifts go unappreciated in adolescent naivety. I totally regret letting go of this when I still had the chance to keep learning. Now that I’m determined to continue my Bharatham lessons, I’m stranded. The feel one gets when they know they’re good at something. I got it every time I tied the salangai on my legs. One of these days I shall get back the liberated feel.  Something tells me the days are not so far away. Just like how Ram says.

Isn’t this awesome?

Bharatham is an art. Art of bhava (expressions), raaga (rhythm) and thala (beats). You combine the eyes, neck, head, hands and feet movements simultaneously to perform stories. My bharatham days were wonderful. They brought a huge experience on its own. I used to love weekends because I had lessons in the weekend mornings. I had a group of friends with whom I had so much of fun. I remember being upgraded to the senior class in 1 year time. I was the youngest among all. Which automatically gave me the license to make mistakes and not getting scolded too severely. I went up the stage when I was 8 I think. And I simply loved it. I remember Mom being all nervous if I would make a mistake or fall on the stage. And the way my tutor convinced her saying I would do well and surprise everyone touched me. Till now I’m happy that I made my tutor proud of my performance. Though I’m not slightly as proud to let her down and stop halfway. I just had to because I was too insecure about what my teenage friends would tease seeing me on the stage performing. I know. Lame.

why you should be home for your birthday?

How is it being 20? Great I would say. Relationship with my mom is improving from day to day. I don’t know why things never happen when I was still a teen. I had so much to hide then. From friends to boyfriends to internet to movies. Almost everything. Whatever I wanted to speak could never be spontaneous. Seriously there were times I wanted to swap parents.

But well now things are different. Generation gap is still there but narrower.

This narrow gap makes turning into 20 greater than ever. 🙂

Why is it when I want to shop so badly these two things will happen?
1. Nothing appears appealing
2. Nothing that appeals fits
They’re the most annoying things that could happen to a shopaholic. Actually anyone. I mean who would want to be reminded of their extra pounds? Not in the changing room at least. Don’t tell me we all have to walk around in jerseys? There are no pink ones available! Tolong!

However be optimistic. Because I am and it worked for me. I went to the mall today with only one thing in mind. Toothpicks.

And I came home with a sleeveless jacket, funky shorts, a short dress and a Sentini bag. Sounds great na? Plus with the Enid Blyton’s and SEP’s two books yesterday, I’m fully contented. In this rate of shopping, I would want birthday everyday. Provided my age doesn’t increase with each birthday.


Yesterday was my birthday. I didn’t make countdown like I used to. I was too busy and super tensed bout CA. I don’t remember working that hard for my first CA though. Maybe that’s why I screwed all my papers. This time I’m really really hoping for better marks, even in Biochem which I actually screwed too. If I don’t score well, then it’s obvious that I don’t belong here. I don’t deserve a dental seat. 😡

Now birthday story. Had a very very quiet one at home this year. No special presents but I did feel special. From 12 am. It’s like Cinderella. But my ballroom dance starts at 12. And went on till the next day 12 a.m. I don’t know if people really think I’m worth all these attention or all birthday babies do get this. Whatever it is, I enjoyed everything. Every single text messages and phone calls. Especially the one I made. 😉

I feel like being my old self again. you know the old putri-like gal who doesn’t give a damn about serious issues but more concerned about friends, boyfriend and fashion. No anatomy, biochemistry tension. Instead you have a boyfriend, cool mother, a car to move around, and a group of girlfriends to help every time you’re down with problems. Just be dependent to those who love you. Life will be way easier than what I’m facing in campus. I wish I have a huge make over. From wardrobe to mindset. :S

Two visits to the temple on the same day = Randomness

  1. I’m sure if there is a law that puts litter throwers behind bars, there will be more Indians punished under ISA. (Seriously nothing political but ethical)
  2. I think I don’t appear as tired as I am actually.
  3. I feel some men should really act their age. You can definitely look but please stop staring. It can drive us even till the top of the gopuram.
  4. Some My parents need somebody to tell them that their only daughter is way past 12.
  5. For any Indian occasions that need some noise music, 2 trumpets nadeswaram and melams are adequate. They produce enough decibels to damage our eardrums.
  6. I find guys who accompany their moms/families to their temple are actually good looking.
  7. A simple sorry wouldn’t make the pain less but definitely will prevent you from being cursed.
  8. It’s not the temple’s size make us proud, but our ethics. So my fellow Indians, STOP littering at least the place you pray, for god sake.
  9. Sometimes I feel like going blind because of colors or the wearers.
  10. People who speak grammatically wrong English make me laugh.
  11. People who opt for English when they know that both of us are good in Tamil drive me slightly mad. (all the events involving my friends and I are neglected)
  12. It’s better to switch off the TV when they’re playing Veerasamy. There are two possibilities for this kind disaster to occur. Either he’s utterly stupid or he thinks we audience are stupid. Let’s all show our backs to stupidity.
  13. I promise will go the cinema more than several times ifffffff only they play Santhosh Subramaniyam here in Sitiawan.
  14. My holiday is just about to start!

“Un kangalil enna gaantham irukkiratha??”

Feel good things

1. Falling in LOVE

2. The smell of fresh raindrops

3. Iced-choco drink in a deep tall glass

4. Hot Nescafe when it’s raining heavily and cold

5. Cuddling on the bed with a nice book in hand while listening to the rain tapping on the roof

6. Listening to Taalam songs
7. Listening to Taalam songs and start dancing

8. Party

9. Dance like mad with a bunch of crazy as well buddies 10. Getting a good matching hairdo on the last minute to a function

11. Go window shopping and found out that a cheap sale is going on and start purchasing

12. Found a pair of perfect shoes on the first glance and make sure bring it home

13. Running into  an old friend realising certain things do not change

14. Having a Girls Outing and have maximum fun

15. Tuning into a random tv show/movie which turned out to be a splendid one

16. Being eyed by a hyper CUTE guy in a function

17. Found out that the cute hunky is still single

18. The news that my ex has broken up with his recent girl friend 19. Having a person to say they love me at least once a day

20. Going for movies in the cinemas

21. Getting wrapped gifts

22. Found out that those gifts are actually CDs of my favourite songs

23. Dreaming something really nice

24. Having a pet especially a doggie

25. Kiss and being kissed by my mom everyday

26. Vacation