Happy Birthday, my Hero.

It all started – 23 years and 28 days ago. Or maybe when we were conceived and kicking ass in our mothers’ wombs. If I still believe in unconditional love, that would be the love I have for you and you, for me. If there is a man who could free me from all fears, that would be you. If I would let down my guards and be totally vulnerable with, it will be with you. If there is a Superhero exists, it is you.

From day one I held onto your hand and followed your footsteps literally everywhere, it has been the same till now. I remember the days when I looked forward to every weekends, tirelessly traveled by two buses, only to see you. To roam around the bushes, create our own games, listen to your stories and laugh endlessly. We had our own baby made out of Legos and we brought him out for a walk – under an umbrella. We had our own temple with an idol made of brick. We climbed the double decker bed to eaves drop the elders talking in the living room. We pretended to be asleep – until the lights went off. We hid ourselves under the blanket and talked nonsense until we fell asleep. In the morning, we waited until the other wakes up so that we walk out of the room together. We were punished to sit so far from each other because they can’t control us. Yet we stole glances at each other, making fun of everyone else – in our own mute language.

I do want to change some parts of my childhood for the painful events they brought me. For the effect they have upon me now. However I’d never want to change the impact you leave on me. The laughs you granted me. The efforts you took to make me happy. All the ways you protected me, from everyone who tried to harm me.


Many times I wonder what goes on in your mind. Someone who always strives to bring laughter and joy to others. Someone who doesn’t demand much from those in his life. Someone who is capable of pulling off anything. Someone who wants to keep everyone together. Someone who hides what he feels deep inside, only not to offend others. Someone who thinks for others before himself.

Brother, I love you so much. Safe to say, more than anyone else. I want to be like this till forever. This blind obsession I have of you. The countless times I speak about you to everyone else. The broad smile that blooms on my face each time I hear your name. The joy I feel to be around you. You deserve all the happiness in this world – my share put together too. Take all you want from my life. And I’ll still be happy and content. To be your sister.

Never wish for something too badly

Please Babajji, this is the limit. Please don’t give any more excitement for this night. Make it boring, please.”

Kareena said this for once in Jab We Met. And I said it like i-lost-count times two nights ago. I landed myself on a strange land for the first time with two dead cell phones and a complete set of family members who were worried sick of my whereabouts. I can’t remember when was the last time I acted in a such a dumb manner. I have TWO great phones with sickeningly short battery lives. Thankfully I didn’t get lost or get abducted or worse brutally raped and murdered. It must be my mind voice which was screaming at the top of my lungs so god heard it and decided to grant me all the adventures that I have no chance at all to get in this jungle campus. LRT trip would have been funner if I wasn’t dead tired. With only two hours of sleep the night before, all I wanted was a good night sleep. But god is great , he gave me a set of free lectures instead. Why the hell do you have two freaking phones? Do you have any idea how worried we were? Next time make sure u charge the cells fully and DON’T batter it off. Again my brother was at rescue chipping in some ideas for the PSP. Gosh I love him. 🙂

Livin’s  graduation was good. We’re all extremely proud of his achievements. I had this huuugge smile when I saw him in the oversized robe. PICC looked like another replica of AIMST Admin Building. We had a knack of time capturing pictures all over. Sadly, we had very little time for family chats. Even lunch was very brief. Guess that’s the life of cosmopolitan city. Nothing waits for you, including your family. But I’m very sure my next trip to Kay-Hell going to be a pleasant one, with my most favorite man bringing me around. 🙂

Now back to the place which gives me smiles, laughs, pleasant roomies, Sunday briyanis, sleepless nights, backaches and dark circles. My revisions are so far going OK. Oral Biology is awfully ridiculous. I don’t  see the point of learning it, plus my imagination level about HERS and amelogenesis is just near zero. God bless me.  I wouldn’t say too good but I definitely putting in more effort this time. It’s just the lack of fear that is scaring me. Everyone around me is scared and talking about the exams like all the freaking time. Study Study Study is like the only facebook status update that I’ve been seeing all this while. Uff how much I hate exam period. Every single person seems to lose their mind.

Please Babajji, compensate all the hassles I went through two nights ago with 4 distinctions. 😀

Happy 21st

I’m blessed to have you. Happy 21st.

This is my Facebook status. It’s going to be my yahoo status as well.

He’s the best man I’ve got in my life. Unlike many would be thinking, i’m not referring to any boyfriends. No boyfriends deserve such title – yet. He’s the one I grew up with, who have seen me in my worst tears, worst attires, worst crappy attitude, worst temper – yet loves me like apple of his eyes.  He never let me down in any arguments. He never allow anyone to bully me. Only he has the license for it, not even my mom. Whenever my mom chooses to criticize me in front of a bunch of relatives, he is there flapping his cape and bring me away from the torment. When my lappy shuts down, he’s there to bring it back to life. When i stupidly deleted my files, there he is with all sorts of softwares you could imagine. When I’m succumbed with those foul cramps, he’s there holding out Counter Pain (even though it’s from my drawer, yet the thought counts). When I forgot to add salt, he says nothing because it was my first time cooking for him. He introduced me to many wonderful things in life – and sometimes to a wonderful person. He may never favored it because of some unsaid reasons, but I believe he has only the best concern for me.

I wonder why he doesn’t like being wished upon birthdays. Might be one of his crap philosophies. But this year going to be the first which I’m not wishing him. And be with him for a change. I wanted to make it super special for him, and i think it’s not impossible. Thanks to the Almighty for bringing us together at this period of time – which happens to coincide with my CA. Uff.

I’m truly grateful. Thanks again, H. 🙂