Happy Birthday You.


For the late nights.
For the super duper early mornings.
For the ridiculous crap texts.
For the random hearts.
For the persistence and perseverance.
For supporting and always being there.
For annoying the crap out of me.
For giving me spontaneous smiles.
For the inspiration to write.
For the rhythm to dance.
For the eyes that never get tired of watching.
For the magic that never faded.

Happy Birthday J.

You are the best randomity that striked me so

Birthdaylicious Jan and Feb

It’s a tradition for a narcissistic like me to indulge into celebrating a month long birthday. I convince myself that I have far too many caring people in my life who are just too busy to wish me on the exact day, so I make their life easier by keeping the wish box open for slightly longer than a day – a month.

Perhaps this is how working people welcome their birthdays – by sleeping it through and get mocked by their friends for not answering their calls. However I had the usual 100 mouths of kids to look into and a KFC lunch treat by my mentor at work.

Anyone who says money is the root of all evil is ingenuously stupid. Your hard earned cash is so precious you only want to keep saving unless it’s for something equivalent to saving lives. Therefore I used mine to purchase myself a proper smartphone. A phone in which I could annoy the world by instagramming every cool bits of my life. Uh oh at least I don’t post pictures of my food.

Not yet!


I touched another milestone in my life. I drove up north. On my own. All alone. To spend the weekend with my friends. I’m trying to shut down this stupid voice in my head which says stop pretending like you’ve never done more bizarre things than this before.

Noh, voice!

This is different. I got permission this time. From my parents.

Right. I just turned 25 and still seeking parental approval. Bite me!

We did all the touristy stuff we could in Penang island. We stayed by a beach resort, we walked under the hot sun looking for wall arts and when we got tired, we drew like pros in the ever cool China House.

We did all the friendsy stuff we could too. We screamed like mad cows when we see Ferrari on the road, we blasted the radio and sang out loud, we smiled at random car drivers to be given way in a long queue and when Maps decide to be bitchy, we chorusly say shaaaaddddaaappp !!!!

We jumped around like Meredith and Christina. We exchanged gasps at the mention of Mark’s name. We aaaawwwwhed at Derek. We randomly brought in Grey’s Anatomy quotes everywhere we could.


My girls, Thanks for a wonderful wonderful holiday. I heart you crazy chicks like none other. Penang’14 is indeed unforgettable.

“When I finally meet you, I want to whisper in your ears – you happened to me”

Notable October.


The tenth month of 2013. It bears only ONE single post, that too a very random, short, insignificant one, though October was a very eventful month. I can’t let it blow past just like that, so here comes. 


They call themselves ‘The Tough Cookies’

After spending about more than three quarter of my life obtaining formal education, I finally graduated with a bachelor’s degree. I don’t know if this beats walking down the aisle, but it definitely beats a lot of other things in life. Like being confused about your future, being helpless in finishing your quota, screwing up, going through a break up, having your ex boyfriend dating your close friend and shit like that. It means hell a lot when you have friends who are willing to go through a really late weekday night just to be there for your graduation party. It means even more when you have a family which comes all the way, just to make sure they’re there for a ceremony they can’t even watch from inside the hall.

End of the day, it just means you didn’t screw up as much as you think you did. It’s okay that you were a mediocre person with worldly flaws and some insecurities. It doesn’t matter what you had to go through because they’re all worth it in the end. It also means you can’t do everything on your own. In fact you don’t have to. Help is given when you let your guards down. 

 Thank you all, for being there. All the time. Through my emotional rants and pointless arguments. Thank you all for sticking, till the end. Thank you those, for letting go and leaving. We clearly deserve better. 


The unexpected is what changes our lives.

Arshia got married. I was overwhelmed with emotions; is an understatement.


We’re past the stage where we need to prove our friendship to the world. We know we have a long more way to go. I’m so glad I made it to your wedding, correct your dhuppatta every now and then, pass some confidence across the room when you look at me randomly, share some of your jitters and just feel completely happy for you. I wish you all the luck in the world and a very bright married life. May Bilal and you don’t lose yourselves in the marriage but complete each other in every way possible.

And oh, like I mentioned earlier; a couch in your living room. Thank you. 

It’s amazing and frustrating how time flies so bloody fast. It’s even more frustrating that the phrase is overused. It feels cliched when I say it feels like only yesterday was 31st July and now it’s already 3 months since I moved in back with my parents; with no job in hand. Initially it was appealing to spend the holidays chilling. Now, the magic is washing off. I just want to start working already, before I forget how to obtain proper history and construct the right treatment plan.

Happy Birthday, Love.

Friends are those your heart speaks to - when your voice fails you.

Friends are those your heart speaks to – when your voice fails you.

There are some people you lived with so long that you know each others’ routine like the back of your hand. They are the same people you can’t stand their bad habits yet love them to bits. The person may not be sitting before you right now, but you could hear their voices and predict their reactions. Many would say you’re lucky if you have a spouse who fits these descriptions. But I’d say you’re luckier when it is indeed a friend, instead. I lived with her for 6 years. We went through so much together, that I doubt we’ll share this similar bond with anyone else in our lives. Our usual inside joke: that she’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had.

Leaving AIMST, I miss her the most. Our random movie outings, childish ramblings about life, sharing of essentials, cursing and bitching away, multiple inside jokes, dirty references, drooling over hot hunks of Bollywood, rolling eyes moments and annoying each other without ends. I believe when you have friendships of years old, you can pat your shoulders and give yourself a virtual hug. Because it’s not easy to nurture a friendship. It’s not easy to find a great friend who complements your characteristics, first of all. Out of millions of people you come across in life, there are only very few you could actually relate to. Among those few, you gotta tolerate their minuses and cherish their pluses; and vice-versa. 

My friendship with her is as such. We’re very ordinary people who want the best for each other. There are some people who could make you feel blessed because of the love they give you. And you want to repay them with even more love. Thiviya, I wish you many many happy returns of the day and I shall give you a hug in real, soon. You’re beyond special, to me. 

Mere attraction

Yeah it’s mere attraction. I’m more of certain now. You get attracted when you meet a nice sweet person. And the next step would be taken IF the other party is attracted as well. If no mutual attraction takes place, we can be friends as usual. That’s what I WANT to happen. They are  those whom I can’t bear to lose at any cost.

Again I proved myself bloody emotional. Cried for no apparent reason. Only difference is this time I did it in front of my besties. Listening to them discussing and exchanging opinions did open up my eyes. No point in tearing for things that will drift you apart. Thinking of these two guys really drifts me apart. And I hate it when all I could do is drawing up my own conclusions.

I’m glad that I’m done with my thinking and having a clear cut decision made up in my mind. Friends are important and you should not mourn when you’re having fun together. My problems are mine to solve. When I’m with them, all I should do is smile and laugh. 🙂

Valentines 2009

An official statement to make : I suck at making choices.

Let it be anything. I totally suck at it. After everything that people can get confused with, I’m now confused with my own feelings and men. Damn.

Putting stupid confusion aside, I had a superb Valentines this year. No I didn’t get roses and not bothered either. When have I ever be fans of bouquets? And I’m still pathetically single. Gosh did I just say that? Well being a person with overflowing amount of love, it’s not wrong to want to share it someone alright.

I was with my friends whom I refer to as family. We’re a family indeed. We were together for the most portions of Friday and Saturday. Thivy finished her CA and we didn’t need extra reasons to celebrate. We dragged her to Old Town along with her sleepy eyes. Despite the clock striking 12, we drove all the way to Cathay to watch Padikathavan. Mamak-ed all the way. The movie was an OK one but turned out to be splendid with the amount of sound we made. 😛

After the movie, we were not ready to admit we’re tired. So we forced ourselves to keep awake by sharing horror stories. Never knew Ganesh anna is such a fun person. Clearly there’s more to him than skin deep. In the end, Honestly I was darn tired.

Somebody needs to give us a big grandfather clock. Cuz we lost track when we’re together. Breakfast at 2. Lunch at 4. Dinner at 10. Supper is the only meal we take accordingly. Deepu was back on Saturday. Another reason for us to celebrate. One of these days Anandha Bhawan’s gona put a No Entry board when they see PCC. Such a hell of noise we make.

First Beat wasn’t my type of concert. So all I did was shout and scream and make noise. We left halfway to have dinner in Tjg.Dawai.Not bad the food over there. We could even get something vegan for those two herbivores. The rest of the night was a walk to remember. Bagan Ajam at midnite. Singing while listening to the wave sound. Making fun of each other. Threatening to push Thivy into the sea. Cheering Desmond up. Too good to be true. Yet it is.

Only thing I could say : Thank you god. very the much. For granting me these people around me. With them, I know I’m safe, cared for and loved. At anytime of the day. 🙂

My homies

Homies. That’s how I call my hometown friends. They’re too precious and I can’t lose them in any circumstances. They’re one the main reasons why I keep coming back to cta1. The impact this place has for me is due to the memories I’ve shared with them.

On 28th Dec we attended Sharas’s mom’s prayer. We went to show her that she’s not alone. We’re always there for her aid. Anything anytime we’ll be there for each other. 🙂 The next day we met up in KFC for a mini reunion. Which was a splendid one.

Meeting Shangari after a year, catching up with each other’s stories, make a havoc in the outlet itself. Who said Convent and ACS can’t share a table? We’re one alright. 😛

Anything happens I know I’m a true friend because I have them around me.

Jaya has started a new blog. The brainy nerdy Jaya is blogging!!! Finishing STPM really doing wonders to her.