First impression

In Dentistry, it’s always essential to make a good impression. Interestingly enough, I could equate life with so many aspects of Dentistry – which explains why I love doing what I’m doing. I may have baby steps but I know that one day I’ll be somewhere up the ladder. I keep up with life in my own pace. I follow rules most of the times – which I believe a crucial step in growing up. I have a slight obsession with tidiness. I love my parents more now that I’ve outgrown my teenhood. Yes I believe such word exists, though the red lines appear. I use correct grammar, spelling and pronunciation when I speak and write. I give high consideration to appearance and social climbing agendas. I like partying without getting drunk. I love throwing parties and buying presents for people because giving gives me so much of pleasure. I am not Mother Theresa but I try to give back to the society in all ways I could afford to. I believe in the best of people.

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