I’m that loner girl you see in restaurants, eating alone with a book before her face. I’m also the girl who adores sitting in airport coffee shops, engrossed in people watching or again reading some romance novel probably named A Summer’s Affair. Airport is the place you get to see so much of emotions, next to a hospital. In airports you get to see real love, real tears, real hopes, real excitement and real Indian dads fussing over boarding gates 153748373 hours before closing time. For me airports are the gateways to reach your dreams and a boost to encourage you to dream more.

Right now I’m at Starbucks (the only coffee place I feel at home) waiting for my 6am flight to Chennai and reminiscing about 2017 that has only two days left in its book. I don’t remember writing about 2016 because I couldn’t bring myself to recollect the pain I faced. A terminal illness shook my family and we had multiple visits to the hospital. A crisis within the family that changed everything and everyone and nothing is the same anymore. But I somehow managed to keep up my 2016 resolution of visiting new lands. In fact I travelled to 13 new cities in 5 countries in a span of a month. I moved out to a new city and still loving every moment of it.

2017 was equally mentally exhausting. I worked all the time to the brink of exhausted of the job I initially enjoyed. My self destruction was on a high speed mode that it needed personal intervention. But all is always well because eventually life works out. Life hands you your support system,it’s either you take it or not. Life somehow lets your figure out toxicity and make way to discard them.

2017 will be the year I realized about miracles. Miracles of love. How love knocks on your windows when you shut the door. How love comes in the form of your 5 old nephew who had his CVL tube removed. How you love the smell of his sweaty body that cuddles with you while he’s asleep. How friends of more than 10 years stay in your life and feel genuinely happy for you. How someone new could shower you with love and not afraid to express it openly. For that, I truly am grateful for 2017.
2017 also will be the year I kept my travel resolution. Despite the tight work schedule that I had, I still managed to visit and fall in love with Phuket. An island I will always go back to until I get tired of it, which is definitely not anytime soon. I also visited Chennai after 4 years. Chennai, a city that is close to my heart. City that reminds me of those carefree reckless decisions that I made in the past. City that makes me wish to turn back time. Speaking of resolutions, I failed to do my marathon and diving. Which I really really hope to achieve in 2018.

2017 is also the year Lilly Singh became the Bawse and gave education to Kenyan girls and released her own merch. My best friend got her second baby. My another best friend finished her masters and landed herself a stable job. My girlfriends are all rocking in their lives. One is happily married and lives in her own condo, another friend’s strict dad approved her relationship with her long time boyfriend, and another one got back to Peninsular for good. My travel buddy has completed his diving license and probably flew more than anyone else in my list. I made new friends.

Bidding farewell to 2017 and looking forward for a more fruitful 2018 because let’s face it; once you hit your rock bottom, the only way to go is up.