Dream – until it becomes true

I am an avid believer of dreams and keep the faith going. Almost all my life, there’s this phrase which rings so familiar to all the cells in my body.

If you want something so badly in life, the entire universe will conspire it to happen, somehow.

It is preached by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist. The little shepherd boy taught me so much more than life itself could. It was the core of the movie Om Shanti Om, which made the movie stand up against the cliched theme.

Thus I dream. I dream so much that sometimes reality hurts. I dream so much that I am often wandering in my own world, trying to make the dream come true. I dream so much that sometimes I am scared of my own potential and almost give up.

Some 4 years ago, when I was in my fourth year of dental school, I dreamed of traveling to every nook and crook of Europe and Britain – preferably on my own. I made a folder about the continents, I had the ebooks downloaded and spent hours and hours planning trips that may not even materialize at that time. I dreamed of falling in love, traveling among the locals and then write down every detail in my journal.

Down the road, I had to graduate, save some money, lose myself in depression, fall in and out of love and let life take the negative course upon me and my dreams. But I kept the faith going. That things will not be the same forever. That I wont be a stagnant puddle for long, it’s just a phase and I will flow free again.

Today, right at this moment I am sitting in a coffee shop in Dubai International Airport. With a smile on my face, which may seem a little absurd to the fellow travelers – to see a girl on her own, typing abruptly on her laptop, smiling to herself.

Yes, I dream. And will keep dreaming. Because nothing else worth more than being overwhelmed of having your dream come true.

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