Just Imagine.

You thought you had your life planned out. You fight hard to remain where you are. Or so you thought you had fought hard enough. You have found the right light to shine through your path. Or so you thought the ray is enough. You adjusted your needs to match the counterpart’s. Or so you thought compromise is the key. You lit up a fire in you hoping it will keep burning. Or so you thought the fire doesn’t need oil to keep it from burning out.

How wrong you were. Though it took one random day to slap the realization into you.

Or one night.

A night that literally topples your existing routine.

Ridiculously thrilling. Stupidly time freezing. Pettifully significant. Patronizingly uninhibited.
Change is inevitable. Change is unstoppable. Change is progress. Welcome each change that steps into your life, be it invited or otherwise. Be grateful to each wave that topples your boat because each time you get back on the boat, you may change course of direction. Sometimes you may sit and listen down all the waves that changed you. Sometimes all the pointers encompass around a single iceberg. Usually your own happiness.

Happiness is subjective. For some, deep things like giving hair wash for the homeless makes them happy.  For some seeing the fuel meter show full.

For a dentist, perfectly shaped access cavity and reaching full working length in first attempt thrills them. For a fantasy lover,  Aladdin bringing Jasmine on a magic  carpet ride makes her happy.  For an internet freak, full mobile signal makes her happy. For a girl with her bffs across the  continent, perfect Viber call quality makes her happy.

Do not regret doing anything that made you happy.  Do not feel ashamed you let vulnerability take hold of you.  Do not resent the reason behind your good night peaceful slumber.


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