Birthdaylicious Jan and Feb

It’s a tradition for a narcissistic like me to indulge into celebrating a month long birthday. I convince myself that I have far too many caring people in my life who are just too busy to wish me on the exact day, so I make their life easier by keeping the wish box open for slightly longer than a day – a month.

Perhaps this is how working people welcome their birthdays – by sleeping it through and get mocked by their friends for not answering their calls. However I had the usual 100 mouths of kids to look into and a KFC lunch treat by my mentor at work.

Anyone who says money is the root of all evil is ingenuously stupid. Your hard earned cash is so precious you only want to keep saving unless it’s for something equivalent to saving lives. Therefore I used mine to purchase myself a proper smartphone. A phone in which I could annoy the world by instagramming every cool bits of my life. Uh oh at least I don’t post pictures of my food.

Not yet!


I touched another milestone in my life. I drove up north. On my own. All alone. To spend the weekend with my friends. I’m trying to shut down this stupid voice in my head which says stop pretending like you’ve never done more bizarre things than this before.

Noh, voice!

This is different. I got permission this time. From my parents.

Right. I just turned 25 and still seeking parental approval. Bite me!

We did all the touristy stuff we could in Penang island. We stayed by a beach resort, we walked under the hot sun looking for wall arts and when we got tired, we drew like pros in the ever cool China House.

We did all the friendsy stuff we could too. We screamed like mad cows when we see Ferrari on the road, we blasted the radio and sang out loud, we smiled at random car drivers to be given way in a long queue and when Maps decide to be bitchy, we chorusly say shaaaaddddaaappp !!!!

We jumped around like Meredith and Christina. We exchanged gasps at the mention of Mark’s name. We aaaawwwwhed at Derek. We randomly brought in Grey’s Anatomy quotes everywhere we could.


My girls, Thanks for a wonderful wonderful holiday. I heart you crazy chicks like none other. Penang’14 is indeed unforgettable.

“When I finally meet you, I want to whisper in your ears – you happened to me”