Notable October.


The tenth month of 2013. It bears only ONE single post, that too a very random, short, insignificant one, though October was a very eventful month. I can’t let it blow past just like that, so here comes. 


They call themselves ‘The Tough Cookies’

After spending about more than three quarter of my life obtaining formal education, I finally graduated with a bachelor’s degree. I don’t know if this beats walking down the aisle, but it definitely beats a lot of other things in life. Like being confused about your future, being helpless in finishing your quota, screwing up, going through a break up, having your ex boyfriend dating your close friend and shit like that. It means hell a lot when you have friends who are willing to go through a really late weekday night just to be there for your graduation party. It means even more when you have a family which comes all the way, just to make sure they’re there for a ceremony they can’t even watch from inside the hall.

End of the day, it just means you didn’t screw up as much as you think you did. It’s okay that you were a mediocre person with worldly flaws and some insecurities. It doesn’t matter what you had to go through because they’re all worth it in the end. It also means you can’t do everything on your own. In fact you don’t have to. Help is given when you let your guards down. 

 Thank you all, for being there. All the time. Through my emotional rants and pointless arguments. Thank you all for sticking, till the end. Thank you those, for letting go and leaving. We clearly deserve better. 


The unexpected is what changes our lives.

Arshia got married. I was overwhelmed with emotions; is an understatement.


We’re past the stage where we need to prove our friendship to the world. We know we have a long more way to go. I’m so glad I made it to your wedding, correct your dhuppatta every now and then, pass some confidence across the room when you look at me randomly, share some of your jitters and just feel completely happy for you. I wish you all the luck in the world and a very bright married life. May Bilal and you don’t lose yourselves in the marriage but complete each other in every way possible.

And oh, like I mentioned earlier; a couch in your living room. Thank you. 

It’s amazing and frustrating how time flies so bloody fast. It’s even more frustrating that the phrase is overused. It feels cliched when I say it feels like only yesterday was 31st July and now it’s already 3 months since I moved in back with my parents; with no job in hand. Initially it was appealing to spend the holidays chilling. Now, the magic is washing off. I just want to start working already, before I forget how to obtain proper history and construct the right treatment plan.

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