Road of Joy.

Not only success, happiness too takes its own sweet time to knock on your door. You were told that happiness is nowhere outside, it’s only within yourself. Yet, you never seemed to understand.

You thought it has beautiful wings like a rare butterfly and started chasing after a few. One after another.

You thought happiness is completeness and you searched for the one who you believed your other half.

You mistook that happiness is growing wings and flying far from your nest. Only to come home one day. 

You had a set of quotes to describe happiness. You thought prayers bring happiness. 

You build a wall around you hoping to contain happiness. Only to be proven otherwise. 

It took Time, to heal the wounds and refresh your heart. It took hard times to show you what happiness really is. 

It is in the blessings you count each morning upon waking up. It is in the love of parents, who seemed to understand you in the time of despair. It is in the affection of friends, who genuinely wish for your success and miss your presence. It is in the eyes of your dog. It is in the nature, when the wind blows hard. It is in the food that you cook, every onions that you cut, every drop of oil in the pan.

It is in you, sitting on the swing and watching your neighborhood kids screaming at one another.