Mariyaan [2013]

mariyaan_13663488050Mariyaan, man who never dies. Dhanush, man who never fails to deliver. ARR, man who beats his own records. 

First album in 2013. That too, in Tamil. Bliss, I would say. My pick, arranged in the intensity of raping the replay button.

1. Nenje Yezhu – ARR

Maybe Bharatbala wanted Vande Maatharam to be remade, in 2013? Nenje Ezhu has all the elements that gave me goosebumps when I heard Vande Maatharam, many many years ago. Again, reminds me why I love the man’s voice so much. Despite my dad keeps saying, music composers should just stop at composing. His slight nasal squeak at high pitches, firm pronunciations, stressed punctuations, closed eyes – you could take them all. Each time he stresses Nenje Ezhu (rise mind @ heart), you could feel the energy rising within all your cells. Almost like the Chakde India theme song effect. Poetry by Kutti Revathi is flawless here. Though I’m not a big fan of hers, but looks like ARR handpicked the best ones from her. The love mentioned here could be as superfluous as love of a man for his woman, or in a larger context; love for his nation or the Lord, even. Definite motivational song.

Even if thousand suns burn you with their heat,

Even if the color of grace fades,

Even if your soul gets ripped by pain,

Your love (when it’s true) never dies.

2. Innum Konjam – Vijay Prakash, Swetha Mohan

I’m bad at instruments. I’m zero at raaga’s. But I’m definitely good with folk. This is a winner folk, from all aspects. God knows how long more I’m gonna rape the replay button, for the opening music alone. Is that flute? When my neck automatically moves along with the rhythm, Vijay Prakash glides in with his husky voice. Damn, what a teasing voice! I almost missed Hariharan, but that’s just the biased fan in me. Of course, in 90’s my favorite duet combo were Hariharan and Sujatha. Who knew, only her daughter could replace her? Swetha has this silky, naughty voice – inherited directly from her mother. Long live, nepotism!

The man tries to tease his lady, buying more time to spend with her. Freedom to meet your loved one, before marriage rarely exist in conservative community. The little time you get to spend leaves you yearning for more. The two of them, hanging by the beach, inhaling the sea breeze that they both love. The lady shamelessly admits she is hopelessly smitten by him, swims in his thoughts round the clock, knowing that he may not be equally smitten by her. The man tries his luck to ask for her hand and a little more intimacy, knowing that she’s totally into him. Being an conservative Indian woman, she playfully reminds him of patience and reassures that she’s only his.

It’s a pity I’ve never really followed Kabilan’s poetry. But he does seem to inherit some linguistic skills from his father. His references to fishing community in barely few lines to convey the importance of their surroundings to them. I personally loved the closing stanza of the song. Pure egoless honesty, uttered in pure contentment.

You must be like my eyes; You must father my child;

Our children should play by the waves.

I should get you, effortlessly; Everything that you said should come true,

We should create our own world to live in.

3. Sonapareeya –  Haricharan, Javed Ali

Catchy catchy catchy! Only word to describe this number. Sona = Gold, Pareeya = Angel. Yet to know the real intention behind using this term, in a native southern Indian setting. Needless to say, this must be the opening song where Dhanush lends his dancing skills with a group of fellow fishermen. Yes, one can’t stop from comparing this to Elay Keechan. The best thing about this number is the choice of singers. Haricharan and Javed Ali sync to another level. The last time such duet worked was in Aiyayo (Aadukalam). Javed grooves with his classical touches in the Sonapareeya chorus, distinguishing himself from Haricharan. The lyrics leave nothing much to be desired, though. Which is a shame actually, considering it’s Vaali who penned.

4. Kadal Rasa – YSR

Much waited song, by both ARR and YSR fans. ARR said in an interview that he always want Yuvan to sing in his composition. Perhaps, he waited for the perfect song. And it has arrived. Yuvan fits the song to a T. He potrays the protagonist’s frustration in being in a foreign land all alone, yearning to be back in his homeland and the slight pride in being the one who conquers the ocean. Dhanush is multifaceted. In my opinion, he did full justice to the song and perhaps to the movie as well. It is understood that he is forced to be in a foreign land, with strangers who know nothing about his ocean life back home and failed to connect with them. Give him two more years, the man would direct his own artsy movie. Such talent.

5. Engge Pona Raasa – Shakthisree

No doubt. The next big thing, when you get two best songs from the maestro, from two albums back to back. The song opens with an unplugged version of guitar backing her voice. If a voice could be sultry, it could be Shakthisree’s. She oozes with passion, leaving a trail of mystery. The song is about a girl waiting for her beau to return, after a long day at work. Every man wishes his partner to wait faithfully by the door, with food served on the table when he’s back from work. Call me traditional, but there’s a beauty in a woman choosing to leave her independence behind for her man.

If you and me get together; the sky would celebrate.

If you and me get together; life will be a boon.

Time freezes within me; Tears gets mixed with the sea,

I’m searching for your face and body,

This is a bad time for me.

Where are you, my love? What do I do, without you?

6. Netru Aval – Vijay Prakash, Chinmayee

Okay, I admit. On first go, it was a tad too slow for me. I’m guilty of being impatient. This song reminded me of VTV theme. Almost like a poem recital. A pair of lovers get separated physically and missing each other badly. They’re reminiscing their days of being together and yearning for them to return. 

Yesterday I only breathed in your love in the air,

Yesterday there wasn’t this grief,

Yesterday my bangles only sang your music,

Oh sky, please return those yesterdays to us.

Yesterday you were here; I was here too.

Thousands of moons in the sky; Everywhere flew pigeons of love,

Air filled with her sweet voice, Land bloomed her soft body.

7. I Love Africa – ARR, Blaaze

Done with national anthem for India, here he makes a promotional song for Africa. A creative way of using the choir, I’d say. I always thought ARR enjoys making odd sounds while mixing. Like he feels, there’s something fun and crazy needed to spice up the song, and he comes up with something nocturnally. Put him with Blaaze, this is what they come with. A fun number to accompany your bottle of beer, the next time you drink by the beach.

FINALLY, I loved the music and singers selection in Mariyaan. It feels like Rahman heard my pleads for more raw and authentic Tamil melodies. So he granted Ravanan, Kadal and now, Mariyaan. To satisfy us, the fanatic 90’s fans. However, one blaring minus will be the lyrics. The Tamil freak in me wants more native poetry with depth. Maybe that’s where Mariyaan stands a few steps behind Kadal. 


Some people are great as entities. They would appear perfect on paper. Matured, friendly, serious, productive, conscious, spiritual and inspiring. They could go on talking for hours about meaningful topics like politics, leadership, spirituality, society and moral. They agree upon the similar music. They worship the similar movie maker. They equally love food. They both adore writing. They believe in conviction. They follow a particular moral of conduct. They are ambitious. They realize their potential in life. They realize there’s a beautiful friendship beneath the relationship they share.

Yet, the day comes when they realize they are not as great as a couple. One is a passionate lover, another is a rational realist. One seeks unconditional love; another seeks where it was lost. One is emotional; another is practical. Oh, you balance each other out, they say. But no, we ruin each other, we’d say.

So, off we go, each on our own path; to conquer our own mountains; to defeat our own demons. One day, maybe our paths shall cross again. Maybe we could shake hands as companions, again.

But till then, it is goodbye.

Thank you. For the three meaningful years. For the good goodbye. For being the braver one to let go. You are definitely, a warrior.

Momentous April

January, February, March. They all came. Bringing together my birthday, Kadal release, brother’s engagement, Nachle Zaras, and new car to the family. Without forgetting patient cancellations, denture screw-ups and working lengths short of apices. Three months spent for planning and anticipating the end of March. Only to fly out of the country, to my ancestorland, to meet the one person who means so much.

Some people only fit with each other - not the world.

Some people only fit with each other – not the world.

Some relationships are like a pair of old jeans. They fit you perfectly – loose where you want it to be, tight where it should be to accentuate your assets. They are so comfortable that you can wear it to sleep, even. In fact they get more worthy, over the years. I believe everyone needs one pair of old jeans – literally and figuratively speaking. You need that one person : be it your significant other, a friend, parent, sibling. You need that one person who could lift your confidence to the level beyond Himalayas. That someone you would go to any lengths to make things right, no matter how huge the fight is. That someone who could make you forget your boundaries.

“The brief moments we glanced at each other from across the room, the immediate grin on our faces, the subtle I-know-you-understand eye rolling moments, the automatic English diction when it comes to serious, sensitive issues, the mischievous let’s-screw-the-world expressions, the extremely last minute plans, the unavoidable attention seeking nature, the insults and name-calling, the date fixing done for each other, the constant looking into the mirror, the food that left forgotten in the midst of relationship talks, the tears, the silly laugh that comes after, the talking and texting multitasking, the fighting for power points to charge our phones constantly, the schemes to take over the world, the craze over long bike rides, the pillow talks, the giggles after shots, the goodbye tears and lingering longing eyes. Deepika, my pair of old jeans. ”

Majestically still standing.

Majestically still standing.

India trip. 8 days that changed a number of significant things in my life. It’s not called ancestorland for nothing. She’s fascinating. She doesn’t promise you anything more or less. She is present with her flaws for the world to see. She is not the cleanest place you would want to be in. She is extra populated. She has poverty plastered in extensive layers. She has dirty politics played on her every second. You could go on listing her flaws and she’d accept them humbly. Yet, she is so captivating. She fascinates you to another level. She is rick of heritage, still unable to be erased by technology. There are temples which could evoke goosebumps all over your body, the moment you step into them. There are scenic views which could awe you enough till you’ll forget all the flaws. She is blended with nature that two eyes are not enough to endure them all in. She has a lot to offer, only if you’re open to receive them all. She would embrace you, only if you would open your arms in return. She is no angel, yet she is worth all the sweat, crowd, pollution and poverty. One could see life, when one steps on the land of India.

When life throws new people people into your life.

When life says, ‘Make friends, the world is too small.’

People I met there. Friends I made. Those who spent time to show me around. Those who helped making India more promising for a next visit. Thank you, guys. Because of you, I saw the real Chennai and tasted local food. I never liked being a tourist in any place. You all managed to blend me ALMOST. For the long bike and car rides, for the endless laughter, for the terrace sessions, for the hospitality, for the countless truth or dare sessions, for the girlie sleep overs, for the party, for dancing with me, for fighting and making up later, for the pictures, for not making me stand out like a sore thumb, for some promising long term friendships. You guys know who you are.

Each book is a memory.

Each book is a memory.

Yes, each book in my possession is a memory. That’s how I save important events in my life. Or how they usually turn out to be. The whole journey behind obtaining this particular book will be etched in my memory, even stronger than a Rely-X cement. Permanency doesn’t matter when you remember the exact happiness and peace one brings you. When you lie down beside them and close your eyes in contentment, you could hardly let them go. When you could laugh nonsensically and realize it’s something so new to you, you start questioning something that seemed so perfect to you all this while. You know the world would call you names your parents wouldn’t want to hear. You know your current world can get crumbled. You know it may not be worth it. Yet you choose to go along. Because deep down, your instincts are indicating you to take upon the selfish card. And you took it. Without regrets.

Music of Hope. Amalgamation. '13

Music of Hope. Amalgamation. ’13

To wrap up the month, another two big events. That I enjoyed so much. That I would miss once I’m done with my undergraduate student life. Music of Hope and Dental Dinner’13. To perform at least once on the Great Hall stage is what I asked for. Life has been generous to me, as always. Life, again says ‘Keep the dreams go on. I’ll make them come true for you.’