Twenty Twelve.

For all the futuristic talks that I have to entertain those around me, I’m still stuck in the past. Somewhere along the shaded pathway I used to trod upon to go the playground when I was ten. Somewhere amidst the racist kids in the neighbourhood who didn’t include me in their baseball games. Somewhere along growing out of my teen hood. When I usually have pressing matter in hand, like studying for my continuous assessment, I tend to resort to attend to a more pressing matter, like walking down the memory lane. Because, yes, procrastination is my first-middle-last names.

What has 2012 do unto me?

1. Visited two countries : Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand.

2. Kuching. Six days that literally changed my perspective of life – in ways I can’t disclose yet discard.

2. Registered as a voter.

3. Two years. Yet never fail to screw up. Like big time.

4. You thought you lost the magic. You thought they never cared. You thought it never mattered. Then one day, the magic returns on its own. It shows you everything it didn’t before. It screams oceans and miles can be conquered.

5. I danced till my feet ached. I emceed a function for the first time. I had so much of butterflies in my stomach that I couldn’t eat. I wore a Cheongsam.

6. Two cheer leading competitions.

7. Having your sister moving in with you to the same apartment.

8. Year 5 – successfully.

9. Two Langkawi trips in a month – yet not tired of it.

10. Made new friends, who are to stay.

11. Malvika Iyer. Almost an inseparable name in my mobile – and life. Have you met someone almost so alike you that it kind of creeps you out? Have you met someone who could understand your stupid cryptic talk and reply in cryptic itself? Have you been accepted 200% despite all the shit you’ve done and doing currently? When you meet such a person, by hook or by crook make them your bestie.

12. Rockstar – and how it rekindles passion again and again.

13. First tooth extraction done. Such liberation.

14. New additions to the family – Narresh and Geetha.

15. I got glimpse of Rama in a mortal.

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