Kadal – An ocean to dive in.

I rarely make reviews. Because I suck at making choices and rating. But at 4.00 a.m. of my examination day, I felt so inspired. Thanks to ARR – again.


Usually ‘A movie by Mani Ratnam’ is enough to excite all my sensory cells. Added with ‘A musical from A.R.Rahman’ is all it takes to travel my soul away from this physical body. So after three years of hiatus, they’re back together. With a breezy bang.

1. Nenjukulle – Shakthishree Gopalan

Tamil is a beautiful language. The song comes with an interesting diction of native pronunciation and collection of words. The music is so subtle that you could hear every crisp in her words. A lovestruck village young girl, describing her helplessness and falling head over heels in love with her man. Love, is most beautiful when it comes in its raw form. The singer easily reminds me of Shreya Goshal, which is definitely a huge plus on her side. Vairamuthu is nowhere to be shunned, no matter how many other Muthukumars and Madan Karkys  emerge. He incorporated simple yet deep analogues. Some of my favorites as follow.

இத தாங்காத மனசு; தண்ணிப்பட்டக்  கண்ணாடி : The heart is so blinded by the love I have for you, like a mirror that is fogged by water. The more I rub the mirror to make my own image clearer, the more fogged it becomes. When I look through the fogginess, the image becomes much clearer. Similarly when I submerge myself in the love I have for you, I get more clarity.

ரப்பர் வளவிக்கேல்லாம்; சத்தம்மிட வாயில்லையே : Rubber bangles make no sound, just like the wearer who has gone speechless. Of love. Of ecstasy. Of you.

Another win, I’d say for Vairamuthu after the ever famous Zara Zara.

2. Moongil Kaadu – Abhay, Harini, Sekar.

Imagine you’re in the woods, during autumn. With the trees forming a canopy and yellow leaves laying a pathway before you. You have silence wrapped all around you and a person’s hand enclosed with yours. Such serenity and peace. The exact feel the song gives. A pair of lovers stealing a stroll at late night, leaving their differences behind. A content pair of lovers who wish for nothing else but their togetherness. Innocence that is ripped away from us when we’re forced to grow up. Where has all the simplicity of life go? Why don’t we say enough, anymore? When did we let love become so demanding and full with expectations

பௌர்ணமி இரவு; பனிவிழும் காடு;
ஒத்தையடி பாதையில் உங்ககூட பொடிநட.

On a night lit by bring full moon, the air moist with dew, I walk with you on this ground path. This is all I need, this is enough. I am content with the simple life I have. I only need you to lead it with. I want to embrace the nature with you.

3. Elay Keechan – A.R.Rahman

A good teacher is not the one who takes an already smart student under his wing and basks in his success. A good teacher is who identifies potential and brings out the best from an average student. A good creator is as such too. Many a times, ARR chooses the least catchiest tune for himself. His rusty voice adds a unique spice to it. And voila! You have a hit song. Take Bombay’s Hamma Hamma, Godfather’s Theeyil Vizhuntha Thena, JOK’s New York Nagaram etc. Such a song that joins the list is Elay Keechan.

The movie is about fishing community in Tuticorin, India. The song depicts how a simple evening would be in a fishing village. From the local elay to vandale, it sounds so rich with nativity. I loved the humming in the opening of the song. Like you can almost strut along to the tune imagining you’re Michael Jackson and the world pays million bucks to just watch you strut along. I loved the diction used in the song. I loved how a village is depicted easily by a six-minute song. When I close my eyes, I could picture a community, where everyone knows everyone, lives by the sea, enjoying the evening sun, complete with pungent smell. If a mere song could be this detailed, I can’t imagine how the cinematography will be.

Those who lead their life depending entirely on the nature tend to have a simple life. They live for the moment, basking in challenges, overcoming each hurdles, appreciating the mother nature.We, urban people take everything for granted, thanks to mother technology. When it rains, we run finding for shade. When the wind blows, we worry about the rain which is yet to pour. When the clouds pass by, we fail to stand by and appreciate the beauty. When the birds chirp, we walk by ignoring the rhythm. We are terrified to slow down because we’re too busy competing to out throw ourselves.

Rest – to be continued, when I understand them completely. Beyond the literal meaning. For now – diving deep deep into the ocean without any oxygen tank because it’s a bliss to drown.

Twenty Twelve.

For all the futuristic talks that I have to entertain those around me, I’m still stuck in the past. Somewhere along the shaded pathway I used to trod upon to go the playground when I was ten. Somewhere amidst the racist kids in the neighbourhood who didn’t include me in their baseball games. Somewhere along growing out of my teen hood. When I usually have pressing matter in hand, like studying for my continuous assessment, I tend to resort to attend to a more pressing matter, like walking down the memory lane. Because, yes, procrastination is my first-middle-last names.

What has 2012 do unto me?

1. Visited two countries : Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand.

2. Kuching. Six days that literally changed my perspective of life – in ways I can’t disclose yet discard.

2. Registered as a voter.

3. Two years. Yet never fail to screw up. Like big time.

4. You thought you lost the magic. You thought they never cared. You thought it never mattered. Then one day, the magic returns on its own. It shows you everything it didn’t before. It screams oceans and miles can be conquered.

5. I danced till my feet ached. I emceed a function for the first time. I had so much of butterflies in my stomach that I couldn’t eat. I wore a Cheongsam.

6. Two cheer leading competitions.

7. Having your sister moving in with you to the same apartment.

8. Year 5 – successfully.

9. Two Langkawi trips in a month – yet not tired of it.

10. Made new friends, who are to stay.

11. Malvika Iyer. Almost an inseparable name in my mobile – and life. Have you met someone almost so alike you that it kind of creeps you out? Have you met someone who could understand your stupid cryptic talk and reply in cryptic itself? Have you been accepted 200% despite all the shit you’ve done and doing currently? When you meet such a person, by hook or by crook make them your bestie.

12. Rockstar – and how it rekindles passion again and again.

13. First tooth extraction done. Such liberation.

14. New additions to the family – Narresh and Geetha.

15. I got glimpse of Rama in a mortal.