Aur Ho

Some movies touch your heart so deeply. They leave fingerprints all over your senses. Including the sixth, if at all you have one. Some even feel like a dejavu and you feel like filing a copyright impingement report against the makers. Then you realize virtual incidents are hardly any evidentiary support. 

So much of anger bottled deep inside. Against the customary beliefs, clipped wings, inherited naivety, baseless obedience, ruthless principles, shameless hypocrisy and lack of freedom of speech and thoughts. 

Your wings are tired of being kept still. They want to fly beyond the horizon. To achieve the countless dreams. They want to wander aimlessly in the sky without limitations. They want to commit mistakes and learn from them. Without someone waiting to ridicule and punish. They want to be able to fly back home with heart full of memories and experience. They want their innocence ripped away only to be given back right on time. 

Your feet are tired of the same path trodden countless times. They want to tap to the rhythm of the wind. They want to dance to the music of the soul. They want to relive the pain of the calves and soles. The moments of having the spotlight shine on them in the middle of the stage. The adrenaline rush right before the curtain unveils. Pure happiness. 

Your heart wants to stop racing. For all the reasons exist beyond this continent. 

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” – Paulo Coelho

It’s easy to blame your childhood for the flaws you possess in your adulthood. Your insecurities, detachment from your surroundings and rebel against rules. Not all single child turn out to be stubborn about the choices they make in their lives. They don’t strive so hard to be different from everyone else around them. They don’t kill to break free from the chain and fly somewhere far. Somewhere so far that nobody actually knows them. Some far away land where they believe their dreams reside. They don’t limit themselves with certain capacities to love. They don’t keep asking tremendous questions about the purpose of their existence. They don’t fear dependency like it’s a sin. They don’t equate love and relationship to loss of freedom to live their live. They don’t speak about themselves in third person point of view. Then you realize, it has nothing to do with your childhood but your own reckless manner of living your life. It’s your own mode of self destruction you tuned your life into.