One Hundredth

It has been exactly a month now. One of the most frequent things asked to me: How does it feel to be a fifth year student? Everyone but me – the juniors, friends, family members, my dog, friends’ parents, random stranger I met in the bus. So Rats, how does it feel to be the super senior of the faculty?

Definitely older and ancient. You become so familiar with the routine that it feels suffocating at times. You could count your footsteps along the pathway you’ve been taking for 4 years. You could tell the difference when the branch of the tree is chopped off. You know it’s the new students’ intake day when there is mutton served for lunch. You get the pang of nostalgia when you see the penguins dressed in black and white. You smile and greet every cafe servers. Your room walls are not clean white surfaces anymore. You get angry when a new guard stops you from entering without showing the student identity card.

The month had been hectic. Yes, more hectic than I imagined. All of sudden you’re expected to differentiate a linea alba and frictional keratosis without being pointed out by the group teacher. Your treatment plan has to be flawless. Principles of cavity preparation are to be lying on the tip of your fingers. Mixing time and setting time of materials are supposed to be at the back of your head. No canals should be left out. You should be able to fill kids’ teeth without them jumping down from the dental chair. Should one cry, you are to pacify them without going completely crazy. I-had-no-time is never an excuse. You’re taught how to handle lawyers and unrealistic patients. You’re learning not to miss your campus and friends too much by spending all your time indoors trying to understand thick textbooks. You’re forced to realize that the real world out there isn’t as kind as this within.

Happy Birthday, Love.

I believe college is the place you meet real long lasting friendships. In school, you hang out with your friends out of necessity. Because you meet them everyday and you have home to run back to before they start to bore or annoy you enough. In school, you’re BFFs when you accompany each other to the washrooms, copy in exams and leave the classroom together 10 minutes earlier for recess in the pretense of duty call.

In college, right after you leave the comfort of your home, you are forced to mingle and fit in somehow. You have no parents and siblings to back you up. Being lost in the transition period between an adult and teenager, you start grasping on whichever hand that looks similar to yours. Many such friendships may have died prematurely, but very few selective ones stays to haunt you forever – in a pleasant way. 

Thiviya Ruba. A name I never fail to utter at least a 100 times daily. No joke. Five years worth of friendship won her my bridesmaid title.  She who believes in almost the same things as I do. From fantasy to reality. From spirituality to religion. From friendships to soulmates. From personal space to socializing. From karma to destiny. From fate to miracles. From indulgences and pet peeves. From hearts to souls.

We have very little expectation of life. We get easily pleased because we have so much to enjoy. From J.K. Rowling to Susan Elizabeth  Phillips. From Kevin Tucker to Ted Beaudine. From A.R. Rahman to Mani Ratnam. From Hugh Jackman to Robert Downey Junior.  From heavy rain to hot coffee. From long night strolls and quiet indoor Friday nights. From saloons to nail spas. From Starbucks to Secret Recipe. From hopelessly romantic movies to jaw-dropping-hot men. From extremely long talks about nothings and the very comfortable silences. From the annoying sounds we make at each other to the never ending so-called matured talks. From being a giver to constantly trying to please our loved ones. We’re almost twins except for her atrocious love for chocolates and ridiculous hatred towards the color pink.

From the day one she walked up to me and asked directly if I was dating my then closest guy friend, she gained my respect and never let go of it till now. She’s the type of friend who would never hesitate to walk through a heavy pouring rain with a small umbrella just because I call for help. Everyone needs a person who you would trust your life upon them. She is absolutely one of them.  You could tell her the pettiest thing ever and remind her not to reveal it to anyone and it will follow her to her grave. That’s how beautiful her heart is. Filled with loads of love to give to this world. 


You may be the most annoying, retarded, half-baked woman in this world – yet I can’t love you any lesser. I know I poke fun at you, bully you like I own you, hit you with a pillow while you’re sleeping, bug you to come jogging with me, scream into your ears till you go partially deaf, steal boiled water from your gigantic kettle, always help myself with your food stuff, ridicule your veganism, trick you into eating eggs, never stop tickling you and all the other 126357283648392782 things in my annoying agenda. But my life will never be the same without you in it. And I’d never like it that way. 

I can’t promise life wouldn’t be hard on you, but I can assure that you don’t have to face it alone. You’ll have me haunting you day and night, no matter how distanced life may throw us once we leave AIMST. We’ll achieve our dreams together and have new ones soon after. Those memories we have together are plenty but never enough. We’ll keep making new ones, because I love you. And you know that. 

Happy Birthday, Love.