Mister Irresistible

Her stomach fell to her knees. She’d fallen in love with him.

So after a whole year of Call Me Irresistible been published, I finally got hold of the book. The marriage between the mayor of Wynette, Theodore Beaudine and the daughter of former US president, Lucy Jorik comes to a halt right after her best friend, Meg Koranda arrives. Meg is blamed for the bride escape because she has a history of screwing up her life, living it the way an ambitionless person would. Meg herself is an offspring of legends whose parents have cut her off financially and emotionally for her recklessness. With such reputation, she is hated by the entire town who adore Ted with all their hearts. The town is subjected to a major economic breakthrough via construction of a new golf course, hopefully sponsored by the millionaire, Spencer who takes an interest into Meg. The story revolves around the town folks who try to suck up to Spencer by encouraging Meg to please him. In the midst of this, Ted and Meg develop a sexual affair. What happens when the affair comes to light and worse, Meg falling in love with Ted form the climax. 

I personally think CIM is a fresh take upon SEP’s usual characterizations. The usual hardheaded womanizing millionaire male protagonist is replaced with Ted Beaudine. Who is responsible over his actions, has high regard for moral values, caring towards everyone around him, well educated, obtained both his bachelor and masters degrees simultaneously, concerned over the environment, inventive, people pleaser and a bad dancer.  Ted Beaudine attracted me the moment he came in Lady Be Good. He can charm the pants of everyone. He is a perfect man with halo around his head, gorgeous looks, hell a lot of money and great bed skills. It’s refreshing to have an honorable hero. His emotional detachment is his only flaw, which unfortunately seen by Meg alone.

Meg Koranda is officially my favorite female character of SEP’s, next to Annabelle Granger. She has free will, integrity, courage to be true to herself and strength that every woman should have. She traveled to difficult places only to find the passion of her life. Being born into a family of legends overshadowed her individuality, thus she fought her way through it. She is reckless in living her own life but very much concerned when it comes to others. I loved the friendship she had with Lucy. I’d kill to have a best friend who takes responsibility for my terrible decisions in life. When she was thrown to face public humiliations like scrubbing toilets, she took it with keeping her head high. She didn’t have a roof above her head, had to sneak to have a bath, had no friends in the new town, yet she didn’t break down. She cried in silence, thinking of her failure but never to those around her. I admire her perseverance. When she fell in love with Ted, she took it with much pride. I wish one day when I have to do the right thing despite aching deep inside, I’ll remember Meg. 

I finished reading this in a go, stopping only to take meal and loo breaks ; which officiates the entry of Call Me Irresistible into my top 3 books by SEP. 

You make me happy. Looking at you. Listening to you. Watching the way your mind works. Kissing you. Touching you. Letting you touch me.

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