The love that lasts longest is the love never returned – S.Maugham

So I’ve been ‘Charming’ for the past say,10 days. I started watching all the way from Season 1 because I’m looking forward to relive the Cole-Phoebe moments. Charmed is something so personal to me. I started watching them on NTV7 when I was just 10. Not so good old days when we didn’t have any direct broadcasting satellite services nor fast enough Internet connection to stream foreign TV shows online. So I had to wait for every Fridays, 10 p.m., bear with the ads and literally fight with my dad for the remote control. I guess my TGIF started from there. 

The Halliwells played a huge role in my teenage years. I would laugh when they laugh, cry when they do, gasp when the demons attack from the back, talk to my imaginary friends, imitate their body language, wave my hands frantically in the air trying to freeze time, fall in love with Cole and the crazy list doesn’t stop. Charmed taught me more English than any of my language teachers. It gave me two imaginary sisters. Oh, I loved Piper the most for her composure and sensibility. She speaks in this particular way that her T’s are sharper and D’s are  stronger. She squeaks when she’s under pressure, gets emotional over petty things and extremely compassionate. She’s the luckiest of all I’d say, because she got her true love. She’s got Leo, more than anyone could ask for. 

I may have admired Piper but I realize I have more Phoebe in me. She who believes in fantasy, finds it very hard to avoid temptations, fails to connect herself to the reality, rebellious, always in the search of the purpose of her existence, trusts easily and love is her major weakness. Cole, when he appeared for the first time on the show, I had this mega crush as huge as Hulk on him. When he didn’t actually freeze, I felt the happiest one could feel for a demon. The forbidden love. Always the sweetest temptation. The more you restrict yourself, the greater pull it has. Newton is a wise wise man, only I didn’t understand earlier in my life. 

One fine day, I grew up and stopped watching them. No, the channel stopped continuing the season, but I didn’t make any extra effort in finding out other source. Now that I have 6 weeks of holidays, okay make that 4, and fast enough Internet connection, I’m reliving my teenage. All hail the kind soul for uploading all the episodes. And it feels incredible. To know how similar I am to Phoebe still. How the show never fails to elate me. How life is always about doing the good things. Choosing to follow the right decisions, though they’re hard to cope with. How important it is to bond with your family and to never forget your roots. 

You’re a nice guy and I like you – a lot. But let’s face it, you’re geographically undesirable. 

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