A man becomes true only when he treats his woman right

Thank you Lord.
For returning my compassion to me. For enabling me shed tears upon a friend’s unhappiness. For giving me the motivation to push her through the loop of helplessness. For reminding me the worthiness of the choice I’ve made. For granting me the peaceful sleeps.

Little things that matter

At the end of the day; right before you close your eyes hoping for a good night sleep,what you actually need is right before you – waiting to be discovered. You may have lived in denial that it’s not exciting anymore, forgetting the comfort it gives you all the time.

It’s because despite what you promised to yourself and the world, you do tend to take things for granted. You fail to appreciate the beauty that lies beyond the macroscopic view.

Nevertheless, God (despite whatever superhero names you brand Him with) is great when you rely on him completely without doubting. He shows you the light. Gradually, so that your eyes get used to it slowly without dilating too much. You are cleared from the racy clouds of thoughts. Your prayers are answered and taadaa – Accio Happiness!

You’re happy again. You’re able to smile again. You’re able to love again.

Since I’m obsessed with Dentistry, I have to equate taking things for granted with mouth mirrors. It took me a whole of Year 2 and halfway through third year to figure out the light-reflecting purpose of the mirror. While I was struggling to master indirect vision without damaging my sitting posture, all of sudden the light shone on the mirror and got reflected on the occlusal surface of molar, if I’m not mistaken.

You don’t realise the little things like this actually matter the world and make all the difference – until they do.

Hello, Exam!

It’s the time of the year when everything is focused on how not to feel guilty about wasting my time doing anything but studying. Month of April comes with final examination schedule which finally brought in some motivation to face Orthodontics notes. Month of May comes with my internal hard disc crashing down. The last time it happened, I managed to pass my second year. Let’s hope it’s a sign that I’ll be a super senior of the faculty next academic year.

The last time I was home I had to be an adult and console mother each time she relapses about the loss. It was difficult enough to face the neighbours knowing the betrayal but nothing beats listening to your mother rambling helplessly. All I can hope for is karma doing its screwing job on time.

When Prem visited, he described Dobby as old. And it kinda crumbled my heart. Dobby can’t be old. Just like how your parents can’t be old. Having dogs at home teaches one to be more compassionate and less bothered about having fur on your black pants. They teach you that loving unconditionally with very less expectation is life after all. They remind you that every goodness shown to you has to be replaced by gratitude, even if it means you’ll be betrayed later.

Pottermore is open to public yet I have not visited my page for months now. It takes a different level of self-control to stop me from opening the site. By now I have read Deathly Hallows twice in less than 2 months. Yes, all I’d want is reread Harry Potter without this nagging thoughts about osteochondrosarcoma at the back of my mind.