Dance like there’s no one watching

This exhaustion is so familiar. The same exhaustion I felt every weekend when I was 10. The same aching lower limbs. The exact points where the skin peels off from the soles of my feet. The same way I use a fat pillow to support my calves. Once upon a time I didn’t know this is happiness. Now that I do, I’m not letting go of it again.

Happy Birthday, Love.

Every Blair needs a Serena. I’m not saying I’m as hot as Blair but my Serena is definitely way hotter than anyone else.

She is crazier than anyone could get.She smiles like a shining rainbow. She talks non-stop like a bullet train. She sounds like a little girl hoping for ice cream. She loves lollipop because life is like a candy for her. She cries for simple things yet strong enough to wedge her way through. She creates a style for herself. She doesn’t belong in a static place because she moves so much. She colors lives around her. She is a wonderful friend. She is a passionate lover. She doesn’t wait for things to happen for her. She makes dreams come true.

More importantly she loves me like hell. Deepika, thanks for never letting me down, for never letting our friendship go despite the distance, for whatsapping me without fail every single day, for keeping me at the most special place in your life and heart. You have no idea how much of strength you give me just by your mere presence. With you around I’m sure one day when I make life changing decisions, I’ll have the courage to do so.

I promise – this friendship is a lifelong one. That no matter what happens; who comes and goes, you’ll remain my BFF. You’ll be the first one to know about all the silly and crucial parts of my life. If I don’t mind being vulnerable to one single person, that would definitely be you. I love you that much – more than how much these words could mean.