This week is the type of week that all you do is with one single motivation : being lazy. Rising up in the morning by Dobby giving me a slurpy kiss or barking right into my eardrums, spamming fb walls with totally unnecessary things to show the world that I’m still young enough; dancing for hours pretending I’m in a music clip; putting up my hair in a bun not concern of how silly I look like; leaving my phone uncharged for days, eating like there’s no faculty dinner coming up right after holidays. All I’m wishing for is, one day I should be able to provide such an environment for my children to come home to.

Kuching was a total eye-opener. How ignorant I’ve been, I can’t seem to digest. Raw, unexplored, traditional land. Time seem to move slowly. Years seem to take longer to age. Something about the place just made the people pleasant as all of us should be. It may not be perfect but hell if I can survive AIMST and love it still, won’t I be able to love Sarawak as well?

It’s been a weird week. The heart is swollen with so much to say with very little congruent words forming in the throat. The beliefs have started crumbling as the wall is strengthened.  The distances seem to be shrinking despite the oceans. Let’s just say right now I’m very thankful to technology.

If you get what I mean

At times life is stranger than fiction, filmier than Tamil movies. You wake up in the morning not knowing the day is going to be different. You meet some stranger not knowing they are going to bring excitement in your life. You befriend them, breaking the boundaries you made for yourself. You trust them when the whole world seems to say otherwise. You don’t know where it may lead, but the path is inviting.