You’re so foul mouthed that even your parents would feel embarrassed.

Some people never change – and some like me, never learn our lesson. We keep choosing to believe that some good is still present and always always always give the benefit of doubt.

I know it’s me to be blamed when I keep listening to your crap, no matter how many years have gone by.

I should have confronted you with the same anger and bitterness. I should have stopped myself from getting flattered. I should have reminded myself of what an ass you are. I should have just let your words bygone in the air. I should have told you to stuff your ideas up in your ass. I should have kept my mouth shut.

But no, I made a complete fool of myself for defending your conscience. Thank you, for not crossing paths – ever again.

Prabhu Deva – the epitome of dance

Prabhu DevaThis man is not the first one who dances well. In fact he took many cues from MJ and is proud of them. He isn’t the first man in Kollywood to learn Bharatanatyam. Kamal Hassan did it even more brilliantly than he did. Yet I prefer him to all other dancers in the world. Is it because his movie was the first one I watched on big screen when I was 6? Or is it because he looks so ordinary that nobody would guess he has such extraordinary talent?

Some of my favorite videos of his.

When I watch PD song videos, I could only watch him alone. He moves so fast that I have to rewind and replay the video in bits. In this whole movie, he looked somewhat vulnerable. However in this song alone, he’s convincing as a rogue badass. Such a good choreographer he is, I’ve never seen Nagma dancing this coordinated in her other movies. The final one minute of the video is so epic that I personally think even PD can’t reproduce it again.

This is a special song because I always dance for this at home when I’m completely alone and my only audience is Dobby. Something about the beat just elevates my mood each time it plays. My favorite bit is from 1:53 – 2:05. And the lyrics are so cute that it describes how silly love can turn people into. Always sucker for this kinda things 😉

Want to see how colorful a North Indian weddings can be? This is a perfect example. The colors are so bright that you may wonder where on earth Indians find the dyes. Indian women are awesome, because they could dance wearing a 6 meters long thick silk saree. PD understands that dance is an expression. Just like any form of language. Thus he incorporates humor in his choreography as much as possible. The bald man is the villain and the three of them are making fun of him. And Shilpa looks so gorgeous that you could just eat her.

Unfortunately quality is as bad as the age of the video. Some say he copied MJ; he admits MJ is his idol; some say he was inspired. I’d say just shut up and wow at the flexibility of his body. Heck, he doesn’t seem to have any joints, they appear like mere bolts and screws. I never wished for a gender exchange, but when I was very young, I wanted to be a boy so badly. So that I could do masculine moves and don’t look silly.

If the previous video made me wish to be a boy, this one relieved me. Madhuri is a great dancer though her moves were interestingly different in this video. The lyrics of the song are so apt for V-Day.

love is life, love is every happiness
the heart that is granted love blossoms like a flower
This post wouldn’t be complete without this. PD is the only one so far who does full justice to ARR compositions. A song video isn’t about the music alone. A beyond awesome audio can be easily ruined by the visualization. Whereas choreography isn’t about dance alone. It should camouflage the imperfect parts of composition and inability of dancers to move eloquently. He could move so fast that your eyes can’t catch his steps clearly unless you replay. And at the same time, he could move with such grace for a melody like this. Now, that’s a real dancer I’d say.
One day, I’d join THE dance academy and tick another dream off my list.

There’s a thin line between graceful and effeminate, especially for men who learn classical dance. I personally knew a boy who stopped learning Bharatham because his cousins teased him for being a girl. Indian parents hesitate to allow their sons to dance gracefully because they feel it’s too feminine. In fact if I were a son, i doubt my parents would have been this supportive about the classes I attended in my childhood. They would have sent me for Karate classes instead.