Happy Birthday, Love.

ImageBirthdays are very special. Especially your own one. I believe that celebrations keep our life more meaningful. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, friendships – heck life itself is worth celebrating. You celebrate something that you think pleasing enough. Things that you are grateful for, things that make you feel good, things that keep giving you smiles, things that keep the butterflies alive.

When I was a teenager, I used to annoy the hell out of my friends by making a one month countdown to my birthday. That will be the main reason I look forward for the reopening of school – when most kids  were sad that their morning sleeps were gone.I would make puppy face to my friends expecting them to get excited as I was. God knows how annoyed they were. Imagine the first thing you get to hear in the morning when you’re still sleepwalking like a zombie – “25 more days!”

I didn’t know back then the significance of my own birthday. I was always my favorite person in this world. I love myself like nothing else. I made it a point to stand in front of the mirror and smile to myself before going to bed every night. I find this life God has given me is a gift worth to be cherished.

I never liked having huge parties for myself, though I love throwing parties for other occasions. My ideal way of celebrating this day would be staying home with my parents who don’t give a fuss about parties. Maybe one day I would try being completely alone on my birthday. What more the best way to celebrate if not with myself? With an authentic pizza, a glass of Hoe Gaarden, a Maniratnam movie, plenty of A.R.Rahman songs, a good book by Susan E. Phillips, a long shower and followed by a good  peaceful sleep.

When that happens, I’d know that I’m dead and entered heaven.