Things to do before I die.

1. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florida.

2. Own a wand and a cloak.

3. Take a picture at the Platform 9 3/4 of Kings Cross Station.

4. Dance in the middle of a mall.

5. Publish or at least co-publish a book.

6. Get an autograph of Mani Ratnam on my palm and photocopy it.

7. Faint in front of A.R.Rahman.

8. Join the Prabhu Deva Dance Academy in Singapore.

9. Complete reading at least one scripture of every religion.

10. Learn Telugu from the basics.

11. Step into Ayodhya.

12. See Mohenjo-Daro for myself.

13. Sleep for 48 straight hours.

14. Sit on an elephant.

15. Dance on the bar table, without getting drunk.

16. Talk crap on the beach at midnight.

17. Own a yacht.

18. Climb up to the Hanuman temple in Lumut.

19. Bring my parents to London on a month trip and pay the entire expense.

20. Throw away my fear of drowning and learn swimming.

21. Have coffee talk with Paulo Coelho.

22. Give J.K.Rowling a hug.

23. Decorate my own home into a boutique home.

24. Go vacation around Europe with my besties.

25. Dance in my wedding party.

26. Learn yoga.

27. Cook like a pro.

28. Write for a magazine.

29. Run a dental surgery with a tag line – Your Smile is Precious.

30. Pronounce all the brands in the world correctly.

31. Adopt at least a kid.

32. Get a tattoo.

33. Skydive.