I always believe that life isn’t about reaching destination but the journey throughout. Most of us are fortunate enough because we’re granted a long journey, unlike those kids who were born with AIDS or cancer. They have no choice but to look forward death without understanding the reason behind their illness. There couldn’t be anything deathly than having so many unanswered questions in life. I have a friend whose brother-in-law suffered in leukemia for more than a year before greeting Yama. He needn’t have to go through all the chemos and radios. He needn’t have to undergo surgeries which took away all his strength. He needn’t have to leave behind a woman after being married to her for only a few years. He had such a good eye for photography. He had his whole life laid before him, until one day the big man up there decided to plant a time bomb in his life.

I have tonnes of unanswered questions popping up daily.  His departure from this world added more questions to the list. I want to understand life. I want to know my capacities. I want to reach my extreme borders with definite dreams in my eyes. I am very fortunate for been given the light of my destiny quite on time. I never had dentist in my ambition list. Lawyer, scientist, astronaut, interior designer, medical doctor etc. Everything in the world but a dentist or a teacher (thanks to my mother). My mother possesses that intense dedication towards her career till I knew if I can’t reach up to her level, I will make a terrible teacher. But she taught me that you have to be truly dedicated to what you’re being paid for. That is your duty and you should never seek excuses not to complete your duty.

Now after four years, I am pretty sure this is my destiny. I love teeth; I love giving people beautiful smiles; I love giving importance to aesthetics. Will I leave this for another passion of mine, dance? No. I want to be a dancing dentist. Both feed happiness to me. God is fair to me because He made me realize my dreams. Now that I have dreams, I could work towards them. I  would know whenever I reach a milestone of my dream. My first milestone would be going through supplementary papers in Year 1. The following was when my first patient walked into the clinic in Year 3. My next milestone would be when I issue my first denture. I don’t mind getting battered by the books and the teachers, as long as I learn it the right way.

Talking about dreams, how many of us are actually courageous enough to pursue them? How many us are willing to leave our comfort zone and venture into something unknown? Something your own parents didn’t have enough confidence of.

There was nobody to support you through the dream initially yet you chose to work towards it. Only because you alone have believe in yourself. Then one day people start to turn their heads and be amazed. The qualities that you were laughed upon by your immature teenage friends became your pillars of strength. Once upon a time you were the editor of your own scrapbook. Today you have written a whole novel – The Rainforest Unicorns.

Amongst so many of current youths who chase after either money or chicks, you chose to chase after your dream instead. I wish there are many of us with this kind of attitude towards life. Many take this life given to them for granted. Many don’t realize that by evolving themselves, they actually evolve their surroundings. Life is not a debit machine where you keep withdrawing to spend. It is also not a fixed deposit account where you keep storing your profits. When the world is moving greedily behind money, you gained my attention through your selfless acts of helping people. By knowing your acceptance of life as it is; people as they are, you gained my respect.

Giving has so much of pleasure. I always enjoyed giving people what I would like to be given. I enjoy shopping for gifts rather than for myself. I like celebrating important events of others. Have you ever organized a birthday party for a close friend who had misunderstandings with you and later enjoy observing your friends running around with the cake, party bloopers etc., while you collecting the left over boxes around the place? It’s an amazing feeling to see happiness on others’ faces. Happiness is contagious. The more people around you are happy, the happier you get though you’re in a deep shit.  I wish people will give more in order to receive. When you choose to abandon your own dentures and offer to assist an DSA-less operator, one day (within the same week, normally) you get it paid well. Karma isn’t a bitch (though my foul mouth does abuse so) ,it is just a way of reality proving Newton’s third law is utmost right.

Rainforest Unicorns, is publishing in about 48 hours. I never doubted Ram’s talent. He’s a born writer. Seeing everything in a solid form, that too in such a young age, I can’t help but let myself swell in pride. The same way I swelled when my brothers received the scroll. The same way I swelled when my sister received the Best Student Award. The same way I swelled when my mom’s school got awarded as one of the best schools in the state.

” Direction is more important that speed. We are so busy looking at our speedometers that we forget the milestone ” – Unknown