When I love you is an understatement

What I have with you is beyond beautiful. It gives me contentment. It allows me to sleep peacefully at night. It gives me this assurance that none other gives. I can boldly say I know you like the back of my hand. I know you’ll hold me throughout. I know I can dedicate that song for you. I’m convinced that you’re here to stay. That you have been putting in enough effort and not hesitant to put in more. That you are willing to spend energy for my happiness. That you will defend me to this world.

You allow me to build dreams – of my own and ours. You spur my creativity. You motivate me to grow my passions. You never stand in my way of independence – unless to hug me. You walk me through my fears – having my hand in yours. You guide me through my mistakes. You allow me to realize and come to terms with them. You never got intimidated by my personality. You managed your insecurities brilliantly while helping me through mine. You listen when I complain continuously. You ask for my opinions because you respect my views. You understand me – like how I understand myself.

You not only treat me like a princess, in fact you make me feel like one.