Cityville rocks!

The last time I blogged was nearly 2 months ago. With the exams and tumblr fiesta, hence the hiatus. I managed to scrape four passes – this time without any viva. Thus I’m kind of proud of myself for being where I am, doing what I’m doing. Actually more than that, I’m prouder for Hasvene. Despite all the 23457737882 complaints and sleepless nights she had, she passed her foundation course really well. And now I’m a proud senior-cum-big sister of an eighteen-year old. How cool is that?

Holidays. A complete 6 weeks of nothingness. The first week was devoted to planning the Melaka trip with my girlfriends. Melaka turned out to be adventurous.  Well, the night could have been a little bit more fair to us by not draining our energy in finding a proper place to stay the night. However when you’re with a bunch of crazy heads, you don’t really seem to care much. We crammed into a room which was meant to be for 3 people. My mom’s camera chose the second day to break down. So I couldn’t take as many pictures as I would liked to. But the company I had made it all worthwhile. Melaka is an awesome place indeed. With so much of color and heritage. I’m definitely going again to explore more and of course,with a better camera.

The following week of my holidays was devoted to family time. We had movies, late night chats, suppers, gossiping about everyone and everything in this world, chasing each other around the house etc. I do miss Livin Anna though. We’re all growing up too fast.  Both my brothers are working already. Which means they’re adults! Which also means we sisters can burn bigger holes in their pockets, but then lesser time together. Sometimes, I wish  that we’re still kids who long for year end school holidays.

Then Deathly Hallows was released to announce that my childhood is finally over. My most favorite part of the movie was Snape’s memory. Him cradling Lily, him crying his heart out, his doe patronus. However I liked Part 1 better, for many apparent reasons. It’s hard not to get disappointed with the final battle and the Kings Cross limbo. Also when Harry snapped the elder wand, I went whatthefuckareyoudoing,howareyougoingtomendYOURwandnow? 

The next few days were dedicated to Pottermore. I could only register on Day 3 therefore my welcome owl is yet to arrive. I am so excited that my wand could catch sparks.

Week 5 was all about transforming into a house elf. Never underestimate the power of cements and drills. They turn your whole house dustier than Number 12 Grimmauld Place. So I’m my mom’s Kreacher who isn’t allowed to mutter under my breath.

Now with 4 more days before catching the Portkey back to Muggle Hogwarts, I’m looking forward for many things this year. More obedientpunctualpolite patients, less head-scratching moments during briefing, complete and partial dentures, simple and multiple root canal treatments, removal orthodontic appliances, moon-cake festival, cheer leading practices, spamming our groups, orientating my sister, Thiviya’s sister’s wedding and passing fourth year exams with better grades. There you go. More like resolutions.

You make my heart smile – yet again. You make my heart race – like always. You make me love – like there’s nothing else matters. Thank you. 🙂