I miss you SO much!

the man i adore πŸ™‚

The one I grew up with.

The one I followed blindly everywhere that he brings me and ended up being chased by wild dogs.

The one I laughed at all his jokes.

The one whose mere presence glitters my face with smiles.

The one I wanted to marry at the age when I thought being married means being together all the time and not just the holidays.

The one who shared a blanket with me so that we could talk the whole night.

The one who taught me that stolen mangoes are the best ones.

The one who pushed me on the swings.

The one who stood up for me when the racist kids bullied us.

The one who would have slapped the idiot back if only he was there

The one who blew soap bubbles with me.

The one who ran in the rain with me despite knowing that we gonna be punished later.

The one who taught me my first bike ride.

The one who never laughed at me for having the engine stop running – for more than 10 times consecutively.

The one who didn’t yell at me for not avoiding the rocks.

The one who claps for me.

The one who defends me to my mother.

The one whom I pray for every night before going to sleep.

The one whom I unknowingly hurt so much.

The one who put down his best friend for my sake.

The one who sent me this huge birthday card.

The one who is super patient with my attitude.

The one who says I’m the best sister he can ever have.

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