The warrior has spoken

There is something very sexy about swords. Especially the hilt of the sword. Somewhere amidst the growing up process, I shifted my imagination from being a feminine demure Cinderella to a bold princess. I wish believe that in my last birth, my father was a King of an ancient Indian kingdom and he trained me in sword dueling and archery.

when Love beckons you, follow him.

The world is a sexist place. Men have huge expectations to meet. They have to be strong no matter what happens. They should not shed tears even at the lowest point of their lives. They have to go on their knees proposing in every creative ways they can think of. They have to put up with PMSes. They are obliged to be macho at all times. Some men can’t use facial cleansers and mosturisers without being critisized by their friends. They have to be successful in their life. They have to earn four figures in order not to be labelled as a loser. They can’t lodge reports against rape cases. They can’t be victims at any scenario. They have to pay for dinners or else will be mocked for being stingy. They have to perform awesomely on bed. They have to meet all kinds of unrealistic expectations girls like me built in our dreams. It is really hard to raise a son into a confident man in our current world. Everyone runs to a girl who falls down from her bicycle. Unfortunately boy her age has to get up on his own somehow, without bothering about the bruises that he got on his knees.

“And the warrior has now made the unique woman his princess, and now is embarking on a journey where he would be able to make her the queen of the kingdom.”

I miss you SO much!

the man i adore 🙂

The one I grew up with.

The one I followed blindly everywhere that he brings me and ended up being chased by wild dogs.

The one I laughed at all his jokes.

The one whose mere presence glitters my face with smiles.

The one I wanted to marry at the age when I thought being married means being together all the time and not just the holidays.

The one who shared a blanket with me so that we could talk the whole night.

The one who taught me that stolen mangoes are the best ones.

The one who pushed me on the swings.

The one who stood up for me when the racist kids bullied us.

The one who would have slapped the idiot back if only he was there

The one who blew soap bubbles with me.

The one who ran in the rain with me despite knowing that we gonna be punished later.

The one who taught me my first bike ride.

The one who never laughed at me for having the engine stop running – for more than 10 times consecutively.

The one who didn’t yell at me for not avoiding the rocks.

The one who claps for me.

The one who defends me to my mother.

The one whom I pray for every night before going to sleep.

The one whom I unknowingly hurt so much.

The one who put down his best friend for my sake.

The one who sent me this huge birthday card.

The one who is super patient with my attitude.

The one who says I’m the best sister he can ever have.

Why don’t you just add me back?

After a long walk under the sun because AIMST doesn’t believe in investing in shaded walkways I can afford to get more tanned than I already am, I collected my examination slip. A way of reality snapping back into my idle mind. Two more weeks of study break and four days of sleep deprived nights, aaaaandd phew! I’ll be done with the written parts of Year 3. Even the sound of me typing this feels so serene.

I miss snapping pictures. Ever since my camera fell sick, I’ve been running through loads of google pictures. Sometimes I look up the sky and some pretty clouds pass by, I feel wasted.  I hope it will be ready soon and accompany us during our Journey to the South. Oh yeah, it’s our yearly vacation time again.

Isn’t it insane to post updates in Facebook though the one whom they’re directed to can’t view them? Maybe it’s like sending the message to the wind, hoping that the next time they feel the breeze, they can feel our caress too. They can know that they’re being missed.