I have reception clinic in the morning -.-

this makes me happy

It doesn’t take too much to please me. Rewatching Charmed season 4 brings back all the smiles to my life. Watching a shirtless Cole makes my day. Even wire bending doesn’t seem too bad. And trust me, I’m having a super hard time bending those wires. Aimee says the wires are like gay men. They can’t be straightened. I agree. Look at the irony, Adam’s pliers are used to manipulate the wires. How I wish they can be used to manipulate the Adams as well. Get a good grip with the pliers and bend it as you wish.

See that? That’s how you make an arrowhead of an Adam’s Crib. You’ll have to keep bending and bending till finally have cuts on your fingertips. That’s why Dentistry rocks. You get to play with wax, fire, light cures, stainless steel wires, and REAL patients. 🙂

courtesy of Jeannette

Another reason why Dentistry rocks. Our dean spends important moments with us. He tells stories about his college days and his favorite singer of his youth times. He poses sportingly for pictures. He gets enthusiastic when we are around. He says dental students look different from the others in the university. It may not be true, but who cares. It’s the way he cares for us that matters. He enters the Tech Lab to compliment on our postures. He enjoys looking at this particular picture and wants to show his European friends. Now how cool is that. 🙂

Some gifts go unappreciated in adolescent naivety. I totally regret letting go of this when I still had the chance to keep learning. Now that I’m determined to continue my Bharatham lessons, I’m stranded. The feel one gets when they know they’re good at something. I got it every time I tied the salangai on my legs. One of these days I shall get back the liberated feel.  Something tells me the days are not so far away. Just like how Ram says.

Isn’t this awesome?

Bharatham is an art. Art of bhava (expressions), raaga (rhythm) and thala (beats). You combine the eyes, neck, head, hands and feet movements simultaneously to perform stories. My bharatham days were wonderful. They brought a huge experience on its own. I used to love weekends because I had lessons in the weekend mornings. I had a group of friends with whom I had so much of fun. I remember being upgraded to the senior class in 1 year time. I was the youngest among all. Which automatically gave me the license to make mistakes and not getting scolded too severely. I went up the stage when I was 8 I think. And I simply loved it. I remember Mom being all nervous if I would make a mistake or fall on the stage. And the way my tutor convinced her saying I would do well and surprise everyone touched me. Till now I’m happy that I made my tutor proud of my performance. Though I’m not slightly as proud to let her down and stop halfway. I just had to because I was too insecure about what my teenage friends would tease seeing me on the stage performing. I know. Lame.

Done with Sorry

You have blurred vision. Go to an Opthalmologist.

The past month had been a total roller coaster. First of all, a huge tap on my own back for never letting the depression consume the ones around me. People might say I’m insensitive and ignorant. I’m fine being the aloof person I am. I’ve hurt you so much. Like you said, the most that one has ever done in your whole life. Thanks to Hanuman, for the kind of guts He gave me to destroy something that was stable. Hopefully he grants me the adequate strength to accept this pain.

You have a best friend when she spams your wall non-stop

My flaws –  they’re there because I don’t find a reason to change them. So as long as you can’t accept them, you’re not ready to love me as yet. It stings when you keep pounding on the qualities that make me who I am. It’s painful to keep saying goodbye to you – for a month. It’s pathetic  when talking to you makes me sad yet I call you every night.

Heartbreaks aren’t supposed to break the glass slipper

I’ve reached my threshold. I can’t change who I am anymore. I can’t go out of my way to hold things stable anymore. That’s why I’m done with Sorry. I’m done with this whole crap. Thank you.

This used to excite me 🙂