My Fairy Tale

Good morning texts

Late night calls

Random calls just to say he misses her

Stolen kisses in the car

Sudden fights

Long fb message that comes after

Blog post to say how special she is


Cooking for each other

Movies on a lazy day

Planning for vacations

Talking about the future

Sharing finances

Refusing to fly overseas only to be with her here

Composing a long romantic poem for her birthday

McD breakfasts

Starting a long journey at the break of dawn

Enjoying the rain together

Keep taking her pictures despite her shying away

Crying with hesitation when things really turn out bad

Agreeing that V-day is overated

Being childish on purpose just to make her laugh

Uploading pictures so that she doesn’t feel left out

Making friends with her friends

Be there for each other through thick and thin

Cinderella I may not be, but thanks for being on time with the glass slipper. 🙂