Exétasi̱ Períodos

I think age is catching up with me. Gone were the days I argue with Dad about how lame old songs were. I never allow him to tune to Minnal.fm because all they play is these reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllly old songs. But here i am, streaming online those old songs. I’m outgrowing my teenagehood, finally. Mom will be extremely happy.

I am feeling nostalgic and kinda bored of Surgery notes. I was playing the Number game in FB where I tell people what I feel about them in my status space. That was really fun as I dug up all the past of how I met them and the common things we share etc. This made me think of my teenagehood and what I learned.

Making friends is more important than bagging 1223455782 A’s. You go to school to learn things, to gain knowledge. To know how to fit in. To take part in every competition despite losing them in the end. To get caught talking during the assembly. To sweat during Spot Check sessions. To hide forbidden things into all the unimaginable places (!). To skip the boring Biology and Chemistry classes. To forget about homework and complete it only on the morning of submission day. To forget the book at home and SWEAR to the teacher that you already finished it. To play in the rain and dry yourself up before reaching home. To sing in the school bus. To have crushes on older boys. To get over it.

You think you’re going to marry him and ride into the sunset together on a white horse. He makes your knees go wobbly and your heart races a mile at the very sight of his face. You blush shamelessly whenever your friends mention his name. He borrows you his books and you think he cares for you. Then reality slaps you hard on the face (and everywhere else) and you get your heart broken into thousand pieces. You kid yourself that you can never find a glue to put them together but fortunately Time God is there to heal.

You find out who your real friends are. You find out that the ones who follow you to the washroom are not your true friends. You figure out that backstabbing isn’t just a literary word. It exists. You realize that bitching has a huge karma price tagged to it. You realize BFFs Forever and Ever doesn’t really exist. You lose friends in order to gain new ones, and you admit that its not wrong. You realize best friends remain there silently in your life but when there is a storm, they will be the first ones to give you hand. You realize the legendary rivalry between schools is mythical. You have to have faith in people. You have to open your heart to them, and they will open theirs in return. Closed hand doesn’t receive.

Honestly I only wanted to post a picture about exam and leave an hour ago. As usual, I got side tracked. Yes, it’s exetasi periodos again. The time I wish I am NOT a procrastinator but a well disciplined focused girl like my mom wants me to be. Her prayer never gets answered till now.

Good luck to myself. ( and to orang-orang yang berkenaan)

Bye Bye 2010

New Year eve. Slightly different from the previous years as there wasn’t a BBQ family dinner this time. We had it in the morning and noon itself as there was a prayer in Granny’s. A not so small gathering yet a few of my cousins were missing. Looking back at the past 365 days, it makes me smile and sigh.

I fell in love – on the 1st of Jan, 2010.

I lost my Grandmother. She was about 90+ when her soul departed this humanly world. Thank goodness that she didn’t suffer too long. May her soul rest in peace, alongside her husband who passed away 16 years ago.

On a happier note, I turned 21 – without any grand celebration. That too with my choice. We had a quiet one at home, with cake in one hand and PSP:Go in another. The gamer in me got so excited. But Hacker god, my prayers are yet to be answered. pleaaasseee!

3rd of Mac marked a new journey in my life. The friendship between us got renamed as we chose to travel this journey together. You’re the second best thing happened this year. 🙂

The music fanatic in me got so lucky as AR Rahman launched 8  albums this year. 3 in Tamil, 2 in Hindi, 2 in Telugu and 1 in English. Hello Oscar! 🙂

Now comes the BEST thing that happened this year :I passed my 2nd year!! Bloody long year with so much of hectic – but none mattered anymore when I saw the 7 passes.

I started wearing those blue scrubs. Treating patients is so cool. Maybe this is best part of dentistry after all. You get to land your hands on real patients, do real treatment procedures, have chair-side assessments twice a week, prescribe medications aaaaaaaand certificate of attendance. Dentistry rocks!

Caught my first 3D movie in the cinema . But ouch, that glasses hurt!

Thanks to Ram, I made new friends. People from different walks of life, offering different stories. How I love socializing.

I finally found my path of spirituality. Something which didn’t come by birth. Something which I am not forced to follow based on familial strings. Something which i believe came to me on its own. Someone who says Love is the religion of all. Someone who teaches equality among all.

There was a new edition to our family. Mahes akka tied the knot, and got eliminated from the our Singles Club. Thanks to her, I wore saree twice this year. 🙂

I learned cheer-leading. It was so fun doing it with my classmates. Joining it brought me realization about my real passion. It gave me an extra confidence to take up Bharatham again. Yes, that would be my resolution for 2011.

This is the first time I’m compiling yearly events. Often i would start typing but drop it halfway because I don’t think they’re worthy enough. Looks like 2010 was an eventful year, thank goodness for that.

Hopefully 2011 will be a more eventful one. Wishing the world a peaceful year ahead. Happy 2011 !