It’s not easy for me too, but hey I’m always with you

For a change, this is a cheerful post. Life is at good stage right now. Seeing those 7 PASS-es gave me more excitement than ever. The first since I entered the dental school. It’s like telling myself that I finally DO deserve to be where I am. That I didn’t make my parents waste their lifetime savings on me. That being an average person that I am, this isn’t impossible. That I SHOULD work harder for the upcoming three years.

Another positive sign that my life is going on the right track. Hanuman blesses these past four months.I dare not be greedy and ask for more. Things are good as they are.

This is my first holidays where my entire room is filled with people until there is no room for any free walking. This is also my first holidays where I have all my family members under the same roof.He has recovered so much since April. I’m praying super hard for the surgery to be successful. And I’m praying even harder for his undying confidence in going through this hardest phase of his life. Big Bro, you’re truly a survivor. 🙂

This is also one of the rare days when Mom and I are having good friendly days. We hardly have arguments. It’s more peaceful back at home. Maybe because now that we have more heads under a roof, we have more tasks to tend to. We’re not as bored as before to jump into an argument at the very first chance we both have. And I’m glad.

His life is getting better and better. Thanks to Hanuman again. With his life being on track, I can selfishly be assured that mine is too. Less fears of the future. We’re nurturing the love we have for each other. This is THE fairy tale I’ve been dying for. For now, I’m happy and that’s what matters in the end of the day. 🙂

There, all the reasons for my current happy, content life. Hail every gods, from Greek to Internet – for the good nights sleep I’m having. 🙂