Somewhere amidst Histoplasma Capsulatum and Malassezia furfur lies my key of de-examfying myself. For the past 4 days I had my CA1 (that is Continuous Assessment to you non-AIMST people).

I SHOULD have feared my pants off, stressed myself till I grew more wrinkles than my mom, complained non-stop to every Tom Dick and Harry around me (ram doesn’t count 😛 ), stopped taking meals so that i lose 10 kilos and had this super grumpy-pot face so that nobody dares to near me.

None of those above happened.Thank Hanuman.I’m proud that I wasn’t stressed at all and continued smiling even though when I skipped intrinsic pathway of apoptosis and Dr.Bharathi chose to suck my marks via that. I’ll definitely note down the result of being fearless as this. If you happen to read headlines : Dental Student Found Dead of Septic Shock, you know my experiment didn’t turn out well.

In this past *counting* 2 years and half, this is the first time I’m staying here a night extra instead of running home RIGHT after exam ends. Yes, my hostel life is fun to the level that you fail to describe. That lovely roomies and friends I have here. 🙂 Who said AIMST is a terrible place?

If you have noticed why there isn’t any virus name or any infection regarding them, that’s because I haven’t memorized anything about it. And the paper starts in less than 4 hours.

A friend said “You need self-discipline”. I’d say gimme your brains instead.

Never wish for something too badly

Please Babajji, this is the limit. Please don’t give any more excitement for this night. Make it boring, please.”

Kareena said this for once in Jab We Met. And I said it like i-lost-count times two nights ago. I landed myself on a strange land for the first time with two dead cell phones and a complete set of family members who were worried sick of my whereabouts. I can’t remember when was the last time I acted in a such a dumb manner. I have TWO great phones with sickeningly short battery lives. Thankfully I didn’t get lost or get abducted or worse brutally raped and murdered. It must be my mind voice which was screaming at the top of my lungs so god heard it and decided to grant me all the adventures that I have no chance at all to get in this jungle campus. LRT trip would have been funner if I wasn’t dead tired. With only two hours of sleep the night before, all I wanted was a good night sleep. But god is great , he gave me a set of free lectures instead. Why the hell do you have two freaking phones? Do you have any idea how worried we were? Next time make sure u charge the cells fully and DON’T batter it off. Again my brother was at rescue chipping in some ideas for the PSP. Gosh I love him. 🙂

Livin’s  graduation was good. We’re all extremely proud of his achievements. I had this huuugge smile when I saw him in the oversized robe. PICC looked like another replica of AIMST Admin Building. We had a knack of time capturing pictures all over. Sadly, we had very little time for family chats. Even lunch was very brief. Guess that’s the life of cosmopolitan city. Nothing waits for you, including your family. But I’m very sure my next trip to Kay-Hell going to be a pleasant one, with my most favorite man bringing me around. 🙂

Now back to the place which gives me smiles, laughs, pleasant roomies, Sunday briyanis, sleepless nights, backaches and dark circles. My revisions are so far going OK. Oral Biology is awfully ridiculous. I don’t  see the point of learning it, plus my imagination level about HERS and amelogenesis is just near zero. God bless me.  I wouldn’t say too good but I definitely putting in more effort this time. It’s just the lack of fear that is scaring me. Everyone around me is scared and talking about the exams like all the freaking time. Study Study Study is like the only facebook status update that I’ve been seeing all this while. Uff how much I hate exam period. Every single person seems to lose their mind.

Please Babajji, compensate all the hassles I went through two nights ago with 4 distinctions. 😀