Happy 21st

I’m blessed to have you. Happy 21st.

This is my Facebook status. It’s going to be my yahoo status as well.

He’s the best man I’ve got in my life. Unlike many would be thinking, i’m not referring to any boyfriends. No boyfriends deserve such title – yet. He’s the one I grew up with, who have seen me in my worst tears, worst attires, worst crappy attitude, worst temper – yet loves me like apple of his eyes.  He never let me down in any arguments. He never allow anyone to bully me. Only he has the license for it, not even my mom. Whenever my mom chooses to criticize me in front of a bunch of relatives, he is there flapping his cape and bring me away from the torment. When my lappy shuts down, he’s there to bring it back to life. When i stupidly deleted my files, there he is with all sorts of softwares you could imagine. When I’m succumbed with those foul cramps, he’s there holding out Counter Pain (even though it’s from my drawer, yet the thought counts). When I forgot to add salt, he says nothing because it was my first time cooking for him. He introduced me to many wonderful things in life – and sometimes to a wonderful person. He may never favored it because of some unsaid reasons, but I believe he has only the best concern for me.

I wonder why he doesn’t like being wished upon birthdays. Might be one of his crap philosophies. But this year going to be the first which I’m not wishing him. And be with him for a change. I wanted to make it super special for him, and i think it’s not impossible. Thanks to the Almighty for bringing us together at this period of time – which happens to coincide with my CA. Uff.

I’m truly grateful. Thanks again, H. 🙂

you can’t live with them – or without them

Sometimes it makes you wonder what a challenge it is to be yourself – in the company of those who are supposed to be your most comfortable skin. And if you’re the type who gets sick of acting, it doesn’t get better. You feel like screaming at the top of your lungs, that this is what you’re under all the smiles and laughs. Yet it doesn’t make you feel better. You can’t act that you’re all into the plans and you can’t voice out that you’re not enjoying. You love them – a bit too much, maybe that’s what stops you from being a total rebel.

With an exam coming up, this is the last thing you would want to be hitched up with. Familial affairs are troublesome. Period.


Miracle in Every Minute

At 5 in the morning, I have this urge of writing. After centuries of being uninspired, finally something is flowing through the veins of my fingers.

I was reading By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept and this sudden calmness splashed through me.

By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

It was more like I swished through the spiral of calmness. How in the holy earth can spiral be calm? Spirals make you dizzy. They’re always a feature in optical illusion pictures.

I am not Pilar, I am not battling with my heart (only with notes,thank god), I still believe in frogs transforming into princes, I let down my hair almost ALL the freaking time.

Paulo-induced or not, I like this calmness without questions, without Yes No pick-lots, without racing heartbeats, without distractions. What is the name of  this newly-found so-called calmness, I shall not discover it now. The time is not here yet. When it does, I’d sure know. Because like Paulo says, the minute miracle is all around us, in every 1440 minutes per day. It’s only the matter of us wanting to realize or let it go wasted.