Rocky is Unlucky

Rocky is one of the most unfortunate badgers in the entire Woodland. No matter how many bunnies he meets, no matter how many common things he finds for, no matter how much he ramps his bass dearest, he can never find a bunny who loved him as hopelessly as Daphne did. Maybe she didn’t express it as she should have done. She did not tell them that she adored hiking because of him. She did not let him know that she started to listen to the guarding angels. He had no idea of the snapshots of his that she had been collecting from all over.

She just didn’t have the guts – call her coward. She just didn’t want to lose her pride – call her egoistic. She just didn’t have the chance to – call it destiny. Some things are just meant to be or not to be. Taking that in mind, Daphne shifts to another land, which is situated quite opposite to Woodland. They could have been friends. But if they really were, Rocky would have at least said hi. Since he didn’t bother to, maybe they were never friends after all.

I hate being anxious :(

The title says it all. And I don’t intend to give away anything more than that. That’s what my brain says. But I have this super-disobedient-good-for-nothing heart which will then induce extra speed to my fingers and there it goes, all my misery to the world. And my friends who read this will be pouring up questions via msn ym fb asking what’s wrong. To make me feel even worse. No heart feelings guys. I’m just emo-ing, not being ungrateful or whatsoever.

I know I can blabber whatever nonsense I want here. I can bitch about the guys here because I never insist them to visit. So here is my own lost world. Lost world. That’s why I come whenever I’m lost into my own gray clouds.

What’s up with my instincts man? They’re the ones responsible for my anxiety. They make me think (un)neccessary things. OR I may know if they’re really unnecessary in few more hours. Oh I wish I could just sleep till the time comes cuz right now my concentration level is super duper low. And my brain is aching after being probed by thoughts.

p/s DISCLAIMER comes finally. This is another emo postso only read if you’re also as emo as i am.