Game where you lose all the time

DISCLAIMER : This is an emo post so whoever despises emo blog posts, just piss off.

Again I’m on the losing side. Whatever the game He’s playing, I’m defly going down the ladder this time. I chose to put in hope despite all the loose ends. Yet again I’ve been proved wrong. I mean c’mon what’s life without having hopes? That what writers brag in their writings. But when it’s me, my hopes gotta be crashed. In any way possible.

Things were alright UNTIL evening.

My few days old butterflies are already dying. How fair it is when they have JUST started to grow wings?? Let it be a year or a week or few days, my butterflies always die when they’re happily flapping their wings. Yet I never learn the lesson.

So this is a way of You telling me that I’m not worth anyfreakingbutterflies???


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