why now??

When my life began to shatter, I took out my mobile and went through my contacts list. Guess what, I have nobody to cry to.

1.I have a family who loves me like we have no next birth.

2.I have a handful amount of friends who genuinely care for me.

3.I have a Lab who will somehow get the sad aura and start emo-ing for me.

However when I feel like just opening up and crying, I realized that I have zero person.I even brought myself to text the guy who means so much to me. But then it’s 1.30 a.m. and he must be fast asleep. I don’t have anyone to complain to!!

I’ve grown up building this wall around me and it’s like a sin to break it myself. Now all I can do is blog and hope I’ll get the remedy soon.

Of all times, NOW??? With my CA just 10 days away and I’m not even half prepared, I know this time I screwed it up for real. Damn! I never got myself into so much of physical pain before. Seriously I’m freaked out and scared like hell.

Everything happens for a reason. Yes. I still choose to believe in it. Again I realized how noble friends god has given me here. Des Jrmy Ebby and Thivy are just too good to be true. They know it’s contagious yet they brought me to clinic. Utter sweetness. But too bad I need more time to appreciate their sweetness cuz I’m just freaked out like hell. Amen.

when randomness strikes

Rocky is big. me like.

Rocky is metal. me like.

Rocky has a doggie. me like.

Rocky is a meanie . me like.

Rocky is ignorant. me dun like.

Rocky is insensitive. me dun like.

Rocky doesn’t call. me dun like.

Rockymania is back. Daphne is busted. 😦