Daphne at the Lowest

Rocky proved himself a rigid badger. Daphne half convinced herself it’s no point anymore. Yet her heart is just too crazy to obey her brain. She can’t help looking and falling for Rocky again and again. Head over stilettos. It breaks her heart  when she has to walk down the lane alone.

She’s happy that Placy finally got herself a stag of her choice. It’s awesome to see how happy Placy gets whenever the stag is around. Daphne’s heart is also filled with happiness. At least in the external part of her heart. The deep inner part of it shatters with envy.

Why can’t she achieve this kind of joy?

Why can’t she get the badger of her choice?

Why can’t she smile all over each time his thoughts visit her mind?

Why can’t she blush with joy?

Why can’t she say I Love You  without feeling dejected?

Too many whys with only one answer in the nearest distant. Rocky.

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