Daphne Sings Happy Birthday

Today is Daphne’s birthday. The day when everyone dear to her will make it a point to mark it special. Special for them and for Daphne. They’ll try all means of ways to acknowledge her that she is still precious to them. And Daphne being a super sweet bunny takes every single tiny miny thing into count when it comes to love. Her friends from far would call or send her mails. Her close buddies will keep awake till 12 a.m. just to sing her Happy Birthday.

Everyone who called and mailed are dear to Daphne. But Rocky calling was the most surprising thing that happened. Her clock ticked past 12 and calls started to pour upon her. Her clock ticked past 12.30 and she was feeling somewhat upset. Then the minute pointer went past number 8 and Rocky called. She was shocked and happy. Her hands were trembling slightly and her heart seriously skipped a beat. Rocky told her that he slept off and actually woke up again to wish her. How sweet. It may sound silly to others but to a person who counts every single blessings that she gets, this means a lot. Especially when the one you really adore does this. Being an alpha-male, that badger didn’t hesitate to admit that he wanted to talk longer with her. Again sweetness. 😛

Seriously Daphne was just wondering if she should give up loving him. Without any positive reactions from him, she didnt want to be flying kites. But again things happened in a way that is actually encouraging her to continue with more confidence. Each time she wants to stop everything, something will pop up. Any tiny event that will keep her longing for Rocky. That may be with or without his knowledge, but Daphne wish she could somehow express her love to Rocky.

p/s (or at least he reads this posts) -sigh-

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