Daphne Goes Hiking

Whenever Daphne feels like giving up, there will always be a ray of hope shining from some small nook. That tiny miny light is enough to keep her flame burning brightly. Let it be a slight mention of Rocky’s name during a radio show or written over a huge ad board which happened to be located on the way to her Burrow or she falls down hitting the Rock. Anything that she could somehow relate to him, the too-full-of-himself stupid badger. Call her dumb but you never know you will be one too if you were her. Maybe even dumber.

So she’ll give a second thought over things, gets excited from top to bottom again, runs to her Burrow and dashes open her wardrobe. Getting dressed in a rugged pink mini and top, she snucks her tiny feet into the sneakers and Daphne is off for hiking. Because – Rocky enjoys it. The Hiking. Her friends call her pathethic for  following his pleasure ways which are actually boring. But they have no idea that she’s only a poor little helpless bunny. She hopelessly adores him. Till the core of the apex of her heart. Nevermind. Maybe when they’re in love, they can understand too.

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