Daphne Misses Rocky ;)

Rocky had been busy for the past few days. God knows what is he busy with. He didn’t come to the playground. He didn’t play Ice and Fire with Daphne. He didn’t buy colourful lollipops for Daphne. He didn’t take any walks down the pathways of the woods. He didn’t appear out of the bushes of lilies just to scare Daphne. He didn’t make fun of her bushy tail. He didn’t carry her off her feet and later threaten to throw her into the pond of lotuses.

She hates it when he bullies her yet she knows he’s the best one to do it so perfectly without even making her angry. Daphne just wants few things in life. She wants Rocky to acknowledge her – in any ways. She wants him to enjoy the scenery of sunset with her. She wants him to give her the dream-on look. She wants him to argue with her when she says there’s a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. She wants him to bring the curve back to her face – the positive quadratic one. She misses him too much.

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