My homies

Homies. That’s how I call my hometown friends. They’re too precious and I can’t lose them in any circumstances. They’re one the main reasons why I keep coming back to cta1. The impact this place has for me is due to the memories I’ve shared with them.

On 28th Dec we attended Sharas’s mom’s prayer. We went to show her that she’s not alone. We’re always there for her aid. Anything anytime we’ll be there for each other. 🙂 The next day we met up in KFC for a mini reunion. Which was a splendid one.

Meeting Shangari after a year, catching up with each other’s stories, make a havoc in the outlet itself. Who said Convent and ACS can’t share a table? We’re one alright. 😛

Anything happens I know I’m a true friend because I have them around me.

Jaya has started a new blog. The brainy nerdy Jaya is blogging!!! Finishing STPM really doing wonders to her.

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