blast weekend

Friday, 12/12/08

Bob came to visit us. Yeayhh!! After like 5 months plus. No matter what I deny to him, I actually missed him so damn much. The moment I walked to the cafe and saw him from far, I knew it. Plus with the fact now we’re sharing the same circle of friends. We definitely had so much of fun.


We planned to go for a picnic in Tupah Waterfall. Badri sir calls it water pool though. Our day started at 10 am ( enggalukku early morning 10 mani 😉 ). We girls went to Desmond’s house to prepare some food. There was two groups : vetti and the good-homely-food-preparing girls. Without even planning Thivy,Nisha,Aarthi,Deepu and I fell into the vetti group. =D

We went to Tupah by 5 cars. All the 18 of us. The amount of fun we had are countless. Never knew we would feel this comfortable with each other. What with our ‘family song’ sung for each and every thing we speak, splashing water on everyone who weren’t wet and Badri sir mingling with us like a friend. Mindblowing. Bob and Narresh who didnt want to enter the water earlier got pulled in somehow. We even had an Antakshari while in the water. Everything went well till the night.

At night I was pissed with this particular girl who had a laser as her mouth. Again we went out for dinner in Nasmir. The entire day was spent together with them and we became a family tree. 🙂


Bob went back to Taiping today. I wished he stayed longer. I still tak puas messing around with him. I miss my foundation days when Poovanes was here too. The way the entire gang teases me and thivy was so fun. We were darn close like a family too. A small happy family with its own ups and downs.

Now comes Dental Dinner. I wore an Anarkali suit with matching bangles, chain and earings. Deepu and Thivy helped so much to beautify me. Deepu was so into making me look grand and simple at the same time. Because she didnt want me to be intimidated by everyone whose gonna be there. I was so touched because she ignored her presentation preparation just to help me get ready.

I was treated so well by Venga Jeremy and Desmond. They were so darn sweet. And Fun. Badri sir was so impressed and got the false impression that I’m a traditional girl and stuff. That wasn’t my intention in wearing a traditional attire actually. Just wanted to appear different from the others and I thought that suits me better. Simple.

Midway of the dinner, I got a message from Devaki saying Sharas’s mom has passed away. I was too shocked to even feel sad. Too many people I know are departing so soon. Now I’m in the dilemma of calling her or not. I suck at consoling people. But as a friend,i should at least convey my condolences and assure her she’s not all alone.

I hope her mom’s soul will rest in peace.

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