Daphne and her crony

Daphne has her own set of friends. Placy, the deer and Pinktoo, the hummingbird. They are different in physical appearance and basic characteristics. Yet they all have one thing in common. True friendship. They’re all genuine friends. “You break her heart, we’ll break your face.” That’s a principle they are all living with. They accepted Daphne the way she is. Her straightforwardness, her agility, her pink earmuffs, her bushy tail and her odd craze for magical fantasy. When Rocky banged her down with his beetle cart, she hissed about him to them. When Rocky failed to notice her new golden coloured wedges, she complained to them how non-badger he was. When Rocky always make fun of her, she expected them to defend her. Now that she falls head over heels in love for Rocky, she again gathered her friends instead of her guts.

Pinktoo gets excited for Daphne and starts to flap her wings. The sound of her wings make the humming sound which gives the impression that it’s actually Pinktoo who’s singing. She doesn’t know much about Rocky yet she is eager to meet him. Placy who  is already got introduced to Rocky in previous circumstance likes him a lot. Which means both deer and bird are too happy for Daphne and started their prayers to Cupid Angel. They made a bee-you-tee-full silver angel with golden wings. Cupid must strike some time soon.

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