My homies

Homies. That’s how I call my hometown friends. They’re too precious and I can’t lose them in any circumstances. They’re one the main reasons why I keep coming back to cta1. The impact this place has for me is due to the memories I’ve shared with them.

On 28th Dec we attended Sharas’s mom’s prayer. We went to show her that she’s not alone. We’re always there for her aid. Anything anytime we’ll be there for each other. ๐Ÿ™‚ The next day we met up in KFC for a mini reunion. Which was a splendid one.

Meeting Shangari after a year, catching up with each other’s stories, make a havoc in the outlet itself. Who said Convent and ACS can’t share a table? We’re one alright. ๐Ÿ˜›

Anything happens I know I’m a true friend because I have them around me.

Jaya has started a new blog. The brainy nerdy Jaya is blogging!!! Finishing STPM really doing wonders to her.

any good signs?

Few things happened last night. Surprisingly I’m not sad about it instead feeling more energetic and positive towards possibilities. Before, I used to be in somewhat the same situation and felt terribly down and distracted. But now I feel completely normal and unaffected by what he said. Is it the effect of growing up or being a practical person or it’s a good sign?

When i misplaced my bottle, I didn’t even feel like finding for it. The next day it came to me without me putting in any effort of retrieving it.

When my Gucci full with hundreds of bucks gone missing, I trusted my instincts saying it must be in the car. And guess what,it was there.

My instincts always try to guide me despite me brushing them away. This time i’m just gona trust them, sit back and relax.

What will come, will come.

I don’t feel bad yet I don’t feel good either. This time I’m proudly opting to be greedy and I WANT TO FEEL GOOD.

The bestest best part of this thing is my family in AIMST comprising: Thivy Deepika Jeremy Venga and Desmond. They were actually praying when I made the call. I could see that they were more anxious than I was. In fact I didn’t pray before calling. Just got the guts suddenly and did it.

But what I saw next were priceless.Never will I forget.

Jeremy saying prayers under his breath. Venga hugging onto his chair closing his eyes. Desmond being nervous. Thivy keep looking at the phone while praying. Deepika went totally speechless.

Can u ever find people as concerned as these people? Let me just ease your hassle. NO YOU CAN’T. They’re the most genuine people you can ever find.

We do have our own flaws. Yet we know we’re there for each other. Despite our nationality, mother tongue and religion. We are one. ๐Ÿ˜€

Now the next sort of upsetting part is telling the real truth to them and seeing them getting dissapointed. We can manage somehow. But I can see now itself how they’re going to cheer me up despite me saying I’m alright and I’m perfectly okay.

That’s what F.A.M.I.L.Y is after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Daphne Goes Ga-ga

Daphne skips along the pathway. Her long legs seem to understand her mind. Since the break of the dawn, she was being restless and moodless. Not even her usual butterfly-catching activity cheered her up. But now all ofย  sudden, she is energetic again. Just with a single missed call.Daphne is a high-tech-gadget loving savvy bunny. Her legs skip everywhere that they could. She sings all the way back to her small cabin that she’s sharing with Pinktoo and Placy. She reaches her cabin, opens her wooden wardrobe and scanned her frocks. As usual she could not decide. So she chooses the best few out of all and spreads them on her mattress. Singing Inky Pinky Ponkey under her breath, her fingers stops at the animal printed frock. She painted her nails in rainbow shades so that she’ll get the colourful positive sensation all the time. Finally in front of the mirror, Daphne is super excited of the reflection that smiled back at her. A much larger smile came across her face when she heard the sound of The Beetle passing by her cabin. ๐Ÿ™‚

Daphne Gets Emotional

Daphne’s Burrow has been a heaven for her. Each time she enters the Burrow, she’ll be on top of her bunny world. The other bunnies will keep her seated with a crown on her little head. They will make sure everything that she gets is the best. However the same thing will not happen when she’s out alone in the big wide forest. Daphne is lucky because she is exposed to the hardships of living on her own. She fell when she learned to ride her maroon bike. She hurt her knee when she climbed the Newton tree. She sprained her ankle when she learned to swing. She realized not everyone cares about what she feels when her first close friends spoke behind her back about her pink earmuffs. And she met Rocky, she knew her life is not going to be the same anymore.

After being friends with Rocky, she always had been intrigued by his mysterious character. There seems to be something very deep in his heart. Something that doesn’t meet her ordinary black eyes. She knows she has to go to very great lengths to actually know the depth of his thoughts. Knowing Daphne, she isn’t afraid of heights. Even though she does avoid water because she lacks swimming skills. C’mon bunnies jump, they don’t swim. She is willing to travel deep into his eyes and thoughts. Because if it wasn’t for Rocky, she woudn’t have known it’s called Sirius.

blast weekend

Friday, 12/12/08

Bob came to visit us. Yeayhh!! After like 5 months plus. No matter what I deny to him, I actually missed him so damn much. The moment I walked to the cafe and saw him from far, I knew it. Plus with the fact now we’re sharing the same circle of friends. We definitely had so much of fun.


We planned to go for a picnic in Tupah Waterfall. Badri sir calls it water pool though. Our day started at 10 am ( enggalukku early morning 10 mani ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). We girls went to Desmond’s house to prepare some food. There was two groups : vetti and the good-homely-food-preparing girls. Without even planning Thivy,Nisha,Aarthi,Deepu and I fell into the vetti group. =D

We went to Tupah by 5 cars. All the 18 of us. The amount of fun we had are countless. Never knew we would feel this comfortable with each other. What with our ‘family song’ sung for each and every thing we speak, splashing water on everyone who weren’t wet and Badri sir mingling with us like a friend. Mindblowing. Bob and Narresh who didnt want to enter the water earlier got pulled in somehow. We even had an Antakshari while in the water. Everything went well till the night.

At night I was pissed with this particular girl who had a laser as her mouth. Again we went out for dinner in Nasmir. The entire day was spent together with them and we became a family tree. ๐Ÿ™‚


Bob went back to Taiping today. I wished he stayed longer. I still tak puas messing around with him. I miss my foundation days when Poovanes was here too. The way the entire gang teases me and thivy was so fun. We were darn close like a family too. A small happy family with its own ups and downs.

Now comes Dental Dinner. I wore an Anarkali suit with matching bangles, chain and earings. Deepu and Thivy helped so much to beautify me. Deepu was so into making me look grand and simple at the same time. Because she didnt want me to be intimidated by everyone whose gonna be there. I was so touched because she ignored her presentation preparation just to help me get ready.

I was treated so well by Venga Jeremy and Desmond. They were so darn sweet. And Fun. Badri sir was so impressed and got the false impression that I’m a traditional girl and stuff. That wasn’t my intention in wearing a traditional attire actually. Just wanted to appear different from the others and I thought that suits me better. Simple.

Midway of the dinner, I got a message from Devaki saying Sharas’s mom has passed away. I was too shocked to even feel sad. Too many people I know are departing so soon. Now I’m in the dilemma of calling her or not. I suck at consoling people. But as a friend,i should at least convey my condolences and assure her she’s not all alone.

I hope her mom’s soul will rest in peace.

Daphne and her crony

Daphne has her own set of friends. Placy, the deer and Pinktoo, the hummingbird. They are different in physical appearance and basic characteristics. Yet they all have one thing in common. True friendship. They’re all genuine friends. “You break her heart, we’ll break your face.” That’s a principle they are all living with. They accepted Daphne the way she is. Her straightforwardness, her agility, her pink earmuffs, her bushy tail and her odd craze for magical fantasy. When Rocky banged her down with his beetle cart, she hissed about him to them. When Rocky failed to notice her new golden coloured wedges, she complained to them how non-badger he was. When Rocky always make fun of her, she expected them to defend her. Now that she falls head over heels in love for Rocky, she again gathered her friends instead of her guts.

Pinktoo gets excited for Daphne and starts to flap her wings. The sound of her wings make the humming sound which gives the impression that it’s actually Pinktoo who’s singing. She doesn’t know much about Rocky yet she is eager to meet him. Placy whoย  is already got introduced to Rocky in previous circumstance likes him a lot. Which means both deer and bird are too happy for Daphne and started their prayers to Cupid Angel. They made a bee-you-tee-full silver angel with golden wings. Cupid must strike some time soon.