Daphne gets evil

Daphne loves music. Her love for music extends till putting on her pink earmuffs and listen to a particular song for countless times. She gets amazed with birds’ ability to fly high and she wishes to fly as well. Fly beyond the meadow. She gets excited over tiny miny things. Like seeing the kites flying in the blue sky, lotus floating in the middle of the pond, foxes running around in white coats and the mere sight of Rocky or at least his beetle shaped cart. When Rocky isn’t around, the cart appears totally innocent. Similarly when he is at the back of the wheel, the cart seems dangerous. Knowing its capacity of getting burnt right in the middle of the paths, Daphne will never dare to step into it. Well, not unless Rocky gets to his knees first.

The turquoise cart is too vulnerable without it’s badger driver beside. So are the metal wheels. Let us see what we can do with them. Daphne’s normally angelic mind started to work its way. You silly badger, now you’ll know how bunnies take their revenge. 😛

Introducing Daphne

Rocky doesn’t know Daphne adores him. Daphne is too proud to let him know because Rocky banged her down with his beetle shaped cart once. How dare he just speed by without even saying sorry to her? He didn’t even lower down his stupid sunglass.  Slytherin!

It’s not that Rocky is a jerk. He’s just an idiot. Charming idiot. He doesn’t make friends with other occupants of the woods. He prefers to take walks alone. Why don’t he bring Daphne together? It’s not like she’s going to say no. She loves being with him. Only when he starts about fusion, she wishes the ground will swallow her.