To believe or not to ?

I’m just totally confused. My instincts keep on telling me there’s something wrong happening around me. Like being isolated from things. I always choose not to believe them but recent events really taught me a lesson. But believing them gives me total discomfort. It’s like the whole world has turned its back to me. People whom I really really trust and love being around don’t seem to care anymore.

Is it something to do with me or it’s just a custom for everyone to be isolated initially to recover later and learn a lesson of it? This has happened to me once and going through them once again is the last thing I wish for. It must be something to do with my tongue. Pathetic tongue really doesn’t know how to talk with people. It does not realize that not everyone takes things as light as me. And it does not know how to keep dislikes within myself. I have tremendously a lot more to learn and compromise.

There’s only one thing i wish for now. NEVER HAVE FRIENDSHIPS AT STAKE ANYMORE. The loss is too unbearable.