Jeez. I’m too depressed to concentrate. So heck with study week. I’ve been listening to AR songs from noon. At least Rahmanism helps me to cease my depression. His voice is too mystical and it’s not my fault to have his songs in repeated mode. But again if it’s a crime to listen to his songs for like 5 hours straight, then I’ll happily be a law breaker. Just leave me in solitary with his songs. I won’t even die in boredom. I don’t need dinner, let me just skip it alright. If at all I’m hungry I’ll just listen to his voice. I know I’m too much into him. Call me a Rahmantic, cause I am one.

Why AR has so much of impact on me? A question that even I ask myself at times. Putting aside his utmost talent, the reason lies in that Rahman connects F and R. How? Discussions about his songs made us venture the late night chats together. We never ran out words when we spoke about him. It amazed me so much when arguments never get heated up even when he was a die-hard fan of AR. Even though I loved his songs before this, but I started to admire AR as a person after getting to know HiM. And now after all those things that happened I feel like being close to HiM by even the thought of AR. I know I’m pathethic. But who cares, it’s my life after all right. I have my sentiments and I live with them.