Back in AIMST

This feels really good. I’ve been always fond of AIMST no matter how rude the workers are, how nosy the guards are, how sluggish the management is, how disorganized the administration is, how lousy the food is or how annoying the bugs are. Because the main asset of this place is its students. It’s like nice people from all over Malaysia gather in AIMST. Rude annoying students,kindly ignore the previous statement.

How ironic must it be ’cause I got the very bed Kamlesh got for Foundation. The same bed we accidentally poured my nail polish remover. The same bed where i slept when Reva,Kamlesh and I were watching Mozhi. The same room where we stayed awake till 4 in the morning. Memories fly back into my mind. This time without tears. Because we’ve exchanged enough of sorry’s and thank you’s to last for our lifetime.

Pre-Medical Health Science course sounds really interesting. Maybe because it’s been ages since we’ve been taught non-science subjects. No physics, no chemistry, no biology and even no mathematics. I’m happy bout it, even for Maths. I have World Religions, Moral Studies, Malaysian Studies, EGAP, Intro to Literature and i-forgot-other-subjects. Ms Rajshree has a splendid personality. The way she speaks, the way she makes jokes and the way she appears – everything, makes me fond of her even from the beginning.

So far things are really good. Hopefully it remains good till the end of my 8th week. However i do wish Thivy and Nalihni akka are here too. Would have been super duper fun with them around. -.-

What happened to Besties Foreva?

Due to AstroView’s typo, I managed to catch Gol&Gincu only after half an hour.  Boo Astro!! This movie has a very special place in my heart. Its like whenever i watch it, i become very the happy and start analyzing things yet again. When I see Zie and Shasha having misunderstandings  whereas Putri and Mia standing united despite their difference in interest and missing promises, I start to think about the friendship between I-Know-Who and I. Well I haven’t really give it a deep thought because I know the moment I indulge into it, I’ll get hurt. It’s not like I need more harsh words from anyone. I’ve so used to having her in my life and now its kinda hurting to know that I can’t stay in touch with her anymore. I’m like stucked in between. Bestie’s mom, bestie and my mom. It may be my fault of getting myself into this trouble but it’s not like we haven’t gotten ourselves into trouble before. I’ve sneaked out for my blind date. I’ve sneaked out for dates. I’ve sneaked out for lepaking with friends. Thank god that I’ve never get caught yet, but I’d planned everything in a way that even if i do get caught, nobody else but me will be in trouble. Never from parents. We have been besties for- how many years, five? Of course I expect her to know this too. I still can’t believe I was getting such harsh words from somebody’s mom. I thought my Form4 incident would be the first and last. But no, I’m having a blessed life. I get things again and again. I got two very good best friends. One of them and I had issues. How wrong I was when I thought that will be the last. How even more wrong I was when I thought Besties Foreva means really forever.

Two visits to the temple on the same day = Randomness

  1. I’m sure if there is a law that puts litter throwers behind bars, there will be more Indians punished under ISA. (Seriously nothing political but ethical)
  2. I think I don’t appear as tired as I am actually.
  3. I feel some men should really act their age. You can definitely look but please stop staring. It can drive us even till the top of the gopuram.
  4. Some My parents need somebody to tell them that their only daughter is way past 12.
  5. For any Indian occasions that need some noise music, 2 trumpets nadeswaram and melams are adequate. They produce enough decibels to damage our eardrums.
  6. I find guys who accompany their moms/families to their temple are actually good looking.
  7. A simple sorry wouldn’t make the pain less but definitely will prevent you from being cursed.
  8. It’s not the temple’s size make us proud, but our ethics. So my fellow Indians, STOP littering at least the place you pray, for god sake.
  9. Sometimes I feel like going blind because of colors or the wearers.
  10. People who speak grammatically wrong English make me laugh.
  11. People who opt for English when they know that both of us are good in Tamil drive me slightly mad. (all the events involving my friends and I are neglected)
  12. It’s better to switch off the TV when they’re playing Veerasamy. There are two possibilities for this kind disaster to occur. Either he’s utterly stupid or he thinks we audience are stupid. Let’s all show our backs to stupidity.
  13. I promise will go the cinema more than several times ifffffff only they play Santhosh Subramaniyam here in Sitiawan.
  14. My holiday is just about to start!

“Un kangalil enna gaantham irukkiratha??”

KFC Delight

KFC Delight. Sounds like a dessert. =) Yesterday I met my pyari pyari girlfriends. A small reunion among us. Sugania, Sharmela, Sharas and Jaya. This is the first reunion of ours for 2008. They made me feel thankful towards The Mighty God. How many of us still have good friends to turn to even after our school days? Not many I reckon. We’re so attached till no school rivalry can set us apart. We joked about each other so much till the KFC outlet was  full with our noise. =D . Really had times of our life. Well Sugi is going back to her STRICT Masterskill today. All the others except for Jaya are going off to KL in a week time. I’m going to be doomed here till I get my damn offer letter. Oh yeah Jaya will rot in Sitiawan, so my condition is nothing compared to hers. *evil grin*

Today Murugan Temple had its Maha Kumbabishegam. Got a handful of theertham. Actually more than a handful since we were like quarter soaked by it. Well that’s the purpose of me getting up before dawn despite my bed’s temptation. Another thing I’m happy for is that i met Porshoth in the temple. He being very i-duno-the-best-word-to-describe-him never agrees to meet me elsewhere. Temple all the time.

p/s We Sitiawan folks have our new cinema opening today.. And it’s Vijay who’s going to have the premier show. Kuruvi-fied.