Letting go requires more love than staying

Being awake till 5.33 a.m. brings in a few things into my restless mind. It has been restless for some time now. Since I listened to the Vizhiyile song in the afternoon. I’m very amazed at how much a song can affect a person (me). It made me realize how much of love do I have for certain things in life. The magic of love. No matter what the end is, we’re willing to take the risk. Also because of love we let go of certain other things in life. Why do you think I’m here doing what I’m doing? Why else do you think I’m keener of leaving than before? Because of LOVE I have for them and he has for me.

 Yen intha saabanggal Naan paavam illaiya?                   

Vithi kannamoochi vilayaada NAAM kathal bommaiya? 

 [Why this curse for me, am I not pitiful? Are we the love puppets to be  played by Fate?]